Aconcagua Climbing Tips for Women

At least two weeks are needed to reach the top of Aconcagua, the highest summit in the Western hemisphere. Trekking is all fun when you know how to cope with difficult situations. But climbing tips for males differ from those for females, as women need some extra cleanliness, training, and other essential measures. So let’s unpack the crucial information that will help you climb Aconcagua. 

Climbing Classes 

Always remember that climbing is neither a one-day journey nor an effortless job; thus, you must take climbing classes before beginning your journey. These classes help to boost your climbing techniques and make you knowledgeable and a safer climber. You can save yourself from injuries if you know better methods; these classes help you cope with harsh weather conditions. 

Strength Training 

It would help if you were physically fit while climbing Mount Aconcagua, thus boosting your strength and health by doing various exercises before the trip. Training like resistance exercises, weights, practices for improving acclimatization, and more helps boost stamina and strength while clinging and allows better management. 


It is stressful to need to pee and not find a place to go immediately. For some reason, women cannot pee or poop anywhere, so always drink adequate water, which makes you hydrated and less likely to need to pee. Also, take urination devices with you, such as pee funnels, pee bottles, pee rags, etc., to make your journey comfortable. Moreover, you can use biodegradable disposable bags if you need to poop and store all the used wipes or toilet paper. 


For a woman, cleanliness is the key to staying fit and free from infections. So bring unscented wet wipes and use them periodically. To kill harmful bacteria on your pee rag and used underwear, always attach or clip them outside the tent in the sunlight, as the sun is the best disinfectant. Moreover, if you suffer from any infection, such as UTI, yeast infection, or other infection, always keep your medication with you and dry yourself to escape irritation. 


Aconcagua ascents take around two weeks or more to reach the summit. However, trekking sometimes results in irregular menstrual cycles for various reasons. Hence, you must always prepare and take all the period products. There are rumors about the types of period products in the market, but climbing menstrual cups are always the best choice. Menstrual cups have less period wastage than tampons or pads, and you can use them for around 12 hours. Always take a cup of sterilizer and another bottle with you to clean your menstrual cup, keep sanitizer and use it before placing your cup, and most importantly, take your painkillers for period cramps. 

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated 

Eat your meal well if you want to reach the summit of Aconcagua. When you eat healthy food, it gives you strength and makes your appetite full. Moreover, always hydrate yourself and drink at least 3-liter water a day. 


There are many hurdles to climb while climbing for both men and women. Still, women need to take some extra tips to climb Mount Aconcagua. If you follow all the above tips, it will help you to make your expedition efficient, comfortable, and memorable.