Heisman Trophy – College Football’s Player of the Year Award – Week Six

Football approved a Manifesto against racism in which it demands, from those who in one way or another participate in football in any country in the world, «a concerted action of exchange of information and experiences that serves to combat effectively and decisively all manifestations of racism in our sport, by denouncing and punishing any person who is indulgent with any racist manifestation.

On the other hand, different professionals

 In the history and sociology of sport, who have studied the incidence of racist, xenophobic and intolerant violent behavior; agree on the decisive importance of the climate of violence and permissiveness in the face of its manifestations perceived by athletes and spectators. If the social climate in which 해외축구 중계사이트activity takes place is permissive with respect to explicit or implicit manifestations of physical, verbal or gestural violence, both athletes and spectators will have a greater propensity to behave violently, because in their disrespectful perception of the other, of the adversary, using violence against him or cheating to win him, is not perceived as something rejectable and punishable, that violates the dignity of the other and of ourselves.

More specifically, the responsibility of fathers and mothers,

 Educators, coaches, federation leaders, sports clubs, and public officials is decisive when it comes to establishing a continued commitment to fair play in sport, refusing to cheat in it and to attack in any way to the opponent. Only in this way will the ethical conviction take root that winning at any price is as unacceptable in sport as it is in social life.

There is also a broad agreement,

 Among experts from different disciplines who have studied the phenomenon of violence in sport, when pointing out that its manifestations cannot be understood as explosions of irrationality, nor as simple deviant individual behaviors, which find expression through the masking anonymity of a mass act. For this reason, the constitutional values ​​that we have collected with so much effort in the Constitution and developed in our country, must be defended and respected, in this area as well, as a substantial part of the norm that allows peaceful coexistence among citizens, since the eradication of this type of violent behavior in sport is one of the most effective antidotes against any other type of fanaticism and intellectual intolerance of diversity.

However, to promote this perspective,

 it is essential to remove any obstacle, whether legal or practical, that discriminates against the practice of sports by immigrants and their families in associations, clubs, federations and municipal sports schools, as well as access to any sports facility in the same conditions as the rest of the population.

Favoring diversity in sport and social respect for that diversity of ethnic groups, accents, origins, creeds or sexual orientations is an intelligent way of favoring political and social pluralism. In addition, it enables many people to better understand the reasons why pluralism is one of the highest values ​​of the legal system of our democratic Constitution.

Aware of the need to stop any outbreak of racist,

Xenophobic or intolerant behavior in Spanish football, the Higher Sports Council proposed to the National Anti-Violence Commission the setting up of an Observatory of Violence, Racism and Xenophobia in Sport , which started operating more than a year ago.

Next, the Higher Sports Council summoned all the levels of Spanish football to sign a Protocol of Actions against Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Football, which was signed on March 18, 2005. In it are detailed 31 concrete measures, which are projected to intervene, simultaneously, in the areas of prevention, control and punishment of this type of behavior. All first and second division football clubs, the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the Professional Football League, as well as representatives of players, referees, coaches and fan clubs have signed this Action Protocol. In addition,

Likewise, and in this line of concern and commitment to the eradication of violent,

Racist, xenophobic and intolerant behavior in sport, the Senate also stands with the creation of the Special Study Commission to eradicate racism and xenophobia from Spanish sport, which has developed an intense and fruitful work.

With the approval of this Law, the Cortes Generals reinforce the sanctioning legal coverage and the social suitability of an initiative such as the aforementioned Protocol, which makes visible and operational the existing commitment between all sectors of Spanish football to act together in defense of fair play and against violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance.