Add Colorful Dimension to Your Packaging Using Holography

Due to its accessibility, versatility, and cost-effectiveness of holography, it can be integrated with a wide variety of print, conversions, and materials, giving rise to new products and inventive packaging projects.

Manufacturing technologies and advanced film coating are constantly pushing application boundaries. In addition, a myriad of special origination methods is giving rise to an almost infinite range of colorful 3D visual effects, spanning from visually appealing and iridescent to more dark and subtle tones and imagery.

Indeed, the holographic foil market will keep developing at a high CAGR between 2021 and 2027, owing to a growing interest in the technology among packaging makers and suppliers.

On the other hand, technological advances in film coating and new production techniques are pushing the boundaries for applying holographic materials even further. A new variation of perceptible structures in progress features unique and conspicuous visual effects that are more difficult to imitate. In addition, a diverse range of specialized origination strategies offers an almost endless array of vivid 3D optical illusions.

Contemporary holographys’ eye-catching allure makes them a handy packaging accessory. Indeed, polls conducted throughout the year have found that the technology piques the interest of consumers worldwide in exploring the product shelves in stores and supermarkets. Optimum brand appeal is the one quality that all brand owners aim for in their packaging.

Increased Value

Holography also gives the product a more premium appearance, which is why holographic film and foil are becoming increasingly popular in packaging. Mouthwash, personal care, and high-end beauty products are among the many products that incorporate holographic effects in their packaging. In this case, the inherent security of a hologram is of secondary importance because any custom-made holographic design may be enhanced with security measures to make the package secure against imitation.

Advancement in holographic materials is excellent for numerous flexible eye-catching designs, further expanding the inventive visual options for packaging and for print designers to strengthen brand identities, get the customer’s attention and reinvigorate fully developed or aging models. Indeed, holography’s capacity to rejuvenate and revitalize brands continues to grow, as shown by the recent Excellence inside Holography Awards, which recognized a holographic diary from Hazen Paper in the United States.

Attractive packaging may help improve product sales, and excellent holo design can offer significant value by expressing a product’s message and spirit while also highlighting its luxury features.

Holographic effects provide reflecting highlights to specific packaging sections to boost the overall visual impact—a flat surface, for example, is turned into a beautiful 3D design.

This radiating finishing style may also be customized to meet specific packaging needs, ensuring that products stand out in a congested retail environment and attract the eye of shoppers. AR Packaging provides various technologies for applying a bright holographic finish to the packaging. The company’s design for Nivea’s “Make Up Expert” box demonstrates how holography can radiate a product’s unique personality.

Worldwide Appeal

The newest generation of labels from the Holography Industry CJSC (Belarus) combines polygraphic printing with holographic graphics to create new visual effects for anti-counterfeiting security. Your labels’ cold embossed hologram allows for unique graphics to be created for corporate branding and retail appeal.

The Poseidon box from Fresnels Innovations features advanced proprietary 3D holographic imagery made from advanced print and design materials. This can serve as the centerpiece of a luxury brand strategy built around elaborate, glamorous, and ecologically sustainable cutting-edge packaging that provides augmented appeal and added value in the retail environment.

The advancement is a result of improvements in nanostructure print technology, which allows designers to produce patterns that represent a product’s essence as part of packaging while also combining cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting methods for further brand protection.

Holostik’s work with Afxigra in India has resulted in the development of holographic packaging that protects the brand and improves shelf appeal. A non-printed metallic effect, a platinum relief picture with a “3D” effect via embossing, a brushstroke effect, a dome lens effect, and heart outlines are all included in the box.

Magnum is a secure yet eye-catching hologram from Holostik that includes a portfolio of optical effects. This includes full visible, dynamic effects, emboss effects that produce depth, kinetic effects, a Fresnel effect, 2D/3D effects, 3D text, a gradient effect, animated flower and text, and an animated covert laser readable effect, among many other characteristics.