Advanced Treatment For Piles Cost

Nearly everywhere in India, piles, surgery can be performed. It is crucial to select the right team and set-up to provide advanced treatment for piles. Successful piles surgery requires a well-equipped hospital or clinic with an expert team. All of this must be possible at an affordable price. These are the factors that determine the cost of piles in India. They also help you choose the right treatment and the steps to take after. So consult with the best Piles Doctor in Kolkata.

What are the factors that influence the cost of laser treatment for piles?

  • The cost of treating piles is determined by several factors:
  • The severity of piles in the patient
  • Expert surgeons and a skilled medical team are available
  • Technology that allows for surgery (open, banding or laser)
  • Hospitalization (number days you spend in hospital)
  • Before and after surgery, diagnosis and medications
  • We can assist you if you have insurance. They will help you determine if your policy covers the procedure.
  • India’s advanced treatment of piles costs a lot
  • Laser Piles Treatment costs depend on many factors.

Why do people choose laser treatment over open surgery?

  • Laser treatment is a popular choice for piles treatment because of its many advantages. These are the reasons why laser surgery is preferred to open surgery:
  • It’s a quick and simple process: Laser surgery takes between 30-40 minutes.
  • It is painless: The procedure causes almost no pain.
  • Daycare procedure: Hospitalization is not necessary. The patient is discharged on the same day.
  • Safe treatment of piles: Laser surgery is safer than traditional piles surgery.
  • Procedure minimally invasive: This procedure seals the blood vessels, ensuring that there is minimal bleeding.
  • Rapid recovery: The recovery process is quick and painless.
  • There are fewer complications: The complications that may occur after surgery are minimal and temporary.
  • Leaves no scars: There are no stitches after surgery.
  • High success rate: With a success rate of 99%, the chances of recurrence are very low.
  • These are the benefits of piles laser therapy and it is considered a superior treatment option.

What can you expect during, after and before laser piles surgery?

Laser surgery before piles

The patient may feel stressed before the operation. This is normal. The patient is well-informed and aware of the procedure before it occurs. The patient can be prepared to handle any issues. Patients are asked to discontinue any medications that could increase bleeding risk during surgery one week prior. All questions related to surgery are cleared up prior to the procedure. This includes preparation, post-surgery instructions, and follow-ups.

One day before the surgery

Follow the instructions of the surgeon. The surgeon will direct you through the preparation of your bowels. This is the most crucial part. The surgeon will give you a plan to clean your bowels to make it easier to perform the surgery. There may be medicines you need to take prior to surgery. Follow the instructions of your healthcare provider.

During piles laser surgery

Laser surgery for piles is a daycare procedure that can be done in as little as 30-40 minutes. The patient is administered general anesthesia. The surgeon uses a laser probe to shrink the piles or hemorrhoids. It is painless and non-invasive. Experts ensure that the surrounding healthy tissues are not damaged and reach the sub mucosal region that shrinks the masses of piles.

After piles laser surgery

The surgeon may ask you to give urine after a complete examination. This is to determine if you are able to return home. There are many factors that can affect the healing process and recovery. It is usually a daycare procedure, and the patient is usually discharged within one day. However, he/she may need to stay over for proper healing.

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