Advantages and disadvantages of gastric sleeve

If you are wanting to undertake some weight loss surgery, you may be interested in gastric sleeve. However, similar to any other type of surgical procedure, it has its benefits and risks. It is necessary to know about these before you consider the surgery. At the initial consultation, the patient gets evaluated for the risk to figure out whether gastric sleeve will be suitable for them. Make sure this evaluation occurs. You should be able to make an informed decision concerning whether the sleeve gastrectomy is for you. It is important to ask about the procedure and to know what the process entails before you agree to get the surgery.

Gastric sleeve tends to be a major surgical procedure, with complicate rates like death rates dropping steadily. This may be in part due to the improvements in surgical techniques as well as technology. The goal is to maximize the benefits and also minimize the risks.

When looking for a surgeon, it is important that patients keep in mind their experience. The experience the surgeon has can influence improved outcomes along with less complications.

You should also ask about gastric sleeve cost in Sydney or the area that you are in so that you get an idea if a surgeon is charging you too much or too less. It is not a good idea to choose someone who charges too little as they may not be experienced enough.

Advantages of gastric sleeve

The following are some of the benefits that you can get from gastric sleeve surgery:

·         Conditions like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, as well as high blood pressure can fully resolve. There are some patients who have even noticed results within some days or weeks whilst other patients may not have full “cure” of the issues but they will often see major improvements.

·         It is possible to have exceptional long-term weight loss. The sleeve may give up till 70 to 80% extra body weight loss. This is much more than by following a commercial diet. Patients may even lose all the excess weight when they are really diligent concerning proper eating plus exercise.

·         There will be no medical device implanted within the abdomen like what is done in the gastric banding procedure.

·         Your small intestine will not be changed in any way.

·         Nutritional deficiencies will be less likely to happen.

·         Removal of part of your stomach limits hunger.

Disadvantagesof gastric sleeve

·         The risks of gastric sleeve tend to range from minor going to significant. Many of these are similar to those connected with any surgical procedure, such as risk of blood loss, pain, infection, as well as in rare instances, death.

·         It is possible for the staple line developed during surgery to start leaking, if this happens the patient may have to have immediate surgery so as to fix the issue.

·         Weight loss that occurs with the sleeve gastrectomy may actually not be as aggressive like with the gastric bypass.

·         When it comes to the sleeve procedure, this is not able to be reversed, but it may be revised.

·         It is possible that patients will need to supplement their diet with some vitamins.

The surgeon you go to should help you know what risks you are likely to face with the surgery.