All About Camel Ride in Dubai Desert

Dubai is a famous city for luxury life experiences and skyscrapers, but at the same time, travel enthusiasts enjoy the traditional Arabian culture in Dubai. The Dubai safari deserts offer a variety of great activities such as dune bashing, quad biking, henna designs, sunset and sunrise in the desert, various dance performances, and traditional dinners.  In this unique setting in the desert, you will enjoy a four-course dinner of Arabic cuisine under the stars. Camel riding is the most traditional and breathtaking way to explore the Dubai desert. You will experience why nomadic Bedouins relied on camels as they traversed the desert in a traditional camel convoy.

There is nothing more exhilarating than a camel safari Dubai. The scenery is breathtaking. An excursion with local wildlife can be more enjoyable if you ride a camel.  Camel Safaris in Dubai are conducted according to strict animal welfare guidelines. 

To get complete information about the thrilling camel ride, you should have a look below and expand your knowledge.

Why take a Camel ride

Camel ride is the most fabulous way to ride across the sand dunes at sunset on a camel. As per the Arab nation’s ethnographic heritage, the UAE has more than 178000 camels. The Dromedary camel, also known as the Arabian Camel, has one hump, whereas the Bactria, or Asian Camel, has two. There is usually a desert camp, dinner, and dancing included in most desert safari Dubai options.

Despite the price, the whole experience will be well worth it. The oldest modes of transport in the desert, camels are known as the ships of the desert due to their ability to glide gracefully across the sands. You will follow the footsteps of Bedouin travelers along the desert dunes on a 45-minute desert tour. Attend a falconry show to learn about an essential part of Emirati culture.

The cherished birds can reach speeds up to 390 km/h when they fly to a lure. Take in the stunning views of the desert as the sun sets behind the dunes. You can take beautiful pictures with the falcons before relaxing in a Bedouin camp in the Royal desert retreat.

The desert of Dubai is a beautiful place to enjoy a camel ride. We will provide you with an authentic and unique Arabian experience highlighting local Emirati culture. 

Camel Racing Activity In Dubai

Camel racing is a heritage sport that draws visitors. The events are held in the early morning during the racing season, which runs from October to April. Marmoom Camel Racetrack is the biggest in Dubai. During today’s races, luxury cars and other prizes may also be awarded to the winners of major races.

Racing camels is Dubai’s most popular sport. It dates back to the roots of Emirati culture that camels are essential. Camel races are generally held for about 5km, and they are organized between people.

Inclusions of Dubai Camel Safari

Camel safari Dubai offers many thrill-seeking activities. Your 4×4 vehicle will pick you up at 3 pm from your hotel. The 45-minute camel ride will be unforgettable.

There can be up to three people per Camel. At the halfway point, the camel-wrangler let the boys run around the sand dunes. Aside from Henna painting, you can also dress up in traditional Emirati attire during this safari. Additionally, you can enjoy a buffet dinner at camp.

Various dance shows will also be performed, including belly dance and Tanura dance. A falcon hunt is also available at the camp, but you won’t be able to take photos without paying a certain amount. You will be dropped off at your hotel at 9 pm. 

Safety Measures For a camel Ride

The following are the safety measures that you should consider before the Camel safari in the Dubai desert.

  • You should wear a proper dress, A brimmed hat, and sunglasses to protect your face from the sun. You can also apply sunscreen to avoid direct sun exposure. 
  • If you get caught in a dust storm, you can cover your face with a scarf or bandanna. You should wear Dust goggles if the weather forecast predicts storms.
  • The back legs of Camels are the first to rise. In case you don’t take precautions, they’ll throw you into their necks face first. To counteract the motion of the Camel, hold onto the saddle and lean back.
  • Pregnant ladies and children should avoid camel riding as it will be challenging and dangerous for them.
  • Keep a water bottle with you as the day is hot, and also keep a shawl because evenings are chilly.

 Final Thoughts

In the desert safari, every activity has its own charm, whether it is quad biking, dune smashing, or camel ride. You should enjoy it to your fullest. We have provided the required information, and I hope it will be helpful to make your mind for a fantastic camel safari.

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