All About Custom Packaging in the USA

“The Custom Boxes Prints gives us excellent Custom packaging, Quick packaging, highest quality packaging with the highest return on investment and worldwide delivery.” says Tony Buzan, VP of packaging and customer services at Worldwide Packaging. “We offer packaging solutions for the industries, from product development to engineering, manufacturing, warehouse and logistics.” “The Custom Boxes Print has supplied us with packaging for every kind of product from food to medical,” says Bill Fillmore, President and CEO of Cansco Packaging Systems Inc. “Boxes from Cansco are standard-sized, double sided, rigid foam inserts used for maximum protection and optimum packing.” “Boxes from Cansco are easy to use and have increased our company’s effectiveness and productivity,” says Greg Caires, vice president of Packaging Solutions at Boxed House. “We are very pleased with the services and the quality that has been delivered to us.”

Custom Packaging Companies

There are so many custom packaging companies in the USA today and so many of them are popping up every day. It’s almost too hard to keep up with them all. With so many boxes coming in and going out every day, it becomes quite a challenge for many of these companies. The competition amongst the companies has created a win-win situation for many customers, one way. That’s the fact that customers can now get the same service at almost any place, just by walking down the street or calling up the company online. Because the custom packaging companies all have the same goal, they’re all competing hard to provide their customers with the best services, best products, and most competitive prices.

Best Company in USA

One of the most popular custom packaging companies in the USA today is Boxed House. They have been supplying customers with custom boxes and other goods since 1985. They offer a wide range of protection for the contents in the boxes. In fact, they offer two kinds of protection for boxes: one is the bubble wrap protection, which makes it very difficult for pests such as termites to open them. The second kind of protection is referred to as the cardboard stuffing, which is applied on top of the bubble wrap to make it more difficult for pests to open and eat the contents.

Custom Product Packing and Shipping

Another company, Ballston Packaging in Columbus MS offers custom product packing and shipping to Canada and Mexico. They offer a complete line of packing materials, which they sell under their own brand names, as well as third party brands. They also ship to all fifty states in the United States, and do so daily. Because of the fast pace at which this business operates, these companies can offer expedited shipping to any of their international customers, even if it takes them a few days to get to that location.

Specialize in Packaging and Shipping

There are a number of other companies that also specialize in packaging and shipping items, including San Jamar Packing, Biolet, and Eco Composites. These companies do not specialize in custom product packing but instead deal in general product packaging. However, they also make custom boxes from time to time for clients who want to give their products an attractive look. Some of these companies sell their packaging supplies online.

Box Packing Companies

If you live in the San Francisco area, there is another option for getting packing boxes from companies outside of the US. Two of the larger box packing companies in the US, Box Termite and BoxGarten, ship to Canada frequently. They ship high quality boxes from the continental US to Canada and the Caribbean Islands on a regular basis.

Packaging Products and Shipping

Some of these companies specialize in custom packaging in specific areas. For example, the American Packaging and Shipping Association do not deal in shipping or packaging products to other countries, but does provide training and consulting services to companies that ship internationally. The International Movers and Packers Association offer training and seminars to the international shipping community on everything from efficient packaging methods to insurance management. BoxGarten also specializes in custom packaging supplies and services. Apart from packaging supplies, BoxGarten offers its customers a complete range of kitchenware and household cleaning equipment.

Packaging Supplies

The custom packaging industry has grown substantially over the years. This is probably because there is a demand for all types of packaging supplies. The demand for packaging supplies also serves as a source of revenue for these companies. They make a significant amount of money from custom packaging and shipping goods to all corners of the world. Some of these companies also provide custom wrapping services to cater to smaller business transactions and other personal demands.