Amazon Chime Login : A Cost-Efficient Collaboration Solution

Amazon Chime Basic is a versatile communication and collaboration tool offering a range of free features. This article explores the advantages of Amazon Chime Basic, its essential features, and its value to users.

Why Use Amazon Chime Login?

Amazon Chime Basic provides users various features to enhance their communication and collaboration experience. These features include:


  1. Voice and Video Meetings: Amazon Chime Basic allows you to participate in voice (VOIP) and video meetings, facilitating real-time interaction with colleagues and clients.
  2. Screen Sharing: During 1:1 meetings, users can share their screens, making collaborating and showcasing presentations or documents more accessible.
  3. AutoCall: Amazon Chime Basic automatically connects you to meetings when they commence, ensuring you don’t miss any critical discussions.
  4. In-Meeting Chat: You can chat and share files with meeting participants, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration during discussions.


  1. Person-to-Person and Group Chat: Amazon Chime Basic supports one-on-one and group chats, making it simple to engage in discussions with colleagues and create group conversations.
  2. Persistent Chat Rooms: You can create and maintain chat rooms for ongoing discussions, ensuring you stay connected with your team.
  3. File Sharing: Easily send and receive files as attachments within your chats, simplifying document sharing and collaboration.
  4. Control Notifications: Customize your notification settings to ensure you stay informed without feeling overwhelmed.

Logging in to Amazon Chime Basic

You must log in to make the most of Amazon Chime Basic. Here’s a description of how to start: 

Amazon Chime Desktop Client

    • Start the Amazon Chime desktop client on your computer.
    • Enter your email address in your r Amazon Chime account.
    • Select the Sign in and  Sign up button.
    • Write your username and password when prompted.

Amazon Chime Web App

    • Visit to access the Amazon Chime web app.
    • Enter your registered email address.
    • Click on the Sign in and Sign up options.
    • Add your username and password when prompted.

Downloading Amazon Chime

To make the most of Amazon Chime, follow these steps to download and install the application:

Amazon Chime App Setup

  1. Download and install the Amazon Chime client or use the web app.
  2. Upon launching the app, select “Sign in and Sign up.”
  3. If you’re a new user, click “Create a new Amazon account.
  4. Provide your name work email, set a strong password, and create your Amazon account.
  5. Grant access to Amazon Chime to use your Amazon account.
  6. Check your email box for a message from Amazon Chime and click “Verify Me.”
  7. You’re now all set to use Amazon Chime on your device.

Adding Contacts and Chat

Once you’re logged in, adding contacts and chatting is essential. Here’s how:

Adding Contacts

  1. Click on “Contacts” in the launch pad.
  2. Input your colleague’s email for collaboration.
  3. If they have an Amazon Chime account linked to the email, add them through the options menu.

Starting a Chat

    • Begin a chat by selecting “Message” from the launch pad.
    • Please enter the user’s name and choose it from the autocomplete list.
    • You can even start a group chat by adding more names.
    • Amazon Chime Chat offers read and delivery receipts, file sharing, emojis, image previews, search, message quoting, notifications, markdown, and seamless chat syncing across all your devices.

Attending a Meeting

Customize your audio and video settings in the Device Preview window before joining a meeting. The Visual Roster provides attendee status in larger meetings, and you can quickly mute or interact with other attendees. Audio Icons, dial-in or in-app audio options, and Meeting Controls allow you to add participants and manage your meeting efficiently.

Hosting a Meeting

Amazon Chime provides a range of features during Scheduled and Instant Meetings, including video, screen sharing, recording, and more. The Control Bar offers quick access to essential meeting controls, and you can use the Organizer Controls to manage your meetings effectively.

Participate in meetings seamlessly without the Amazon Chime app. Use the Amazon Chime Web Application via the link in your meeting invite. Customize your audio and video settings and join the meeting from your web browser.

Using Business Calling

Amazon Chime Business Calling enables outbound phone calls through any Amazon Chime application, facilitating better connections with colleagues and clients.

Sending a Text Message

Amazon Chime Business Calling also enables you to send text messages to phone numbers, facilitating quick and efficient communication.

Claiming Your Personalized Meeting Link

By claiming your personalized meeting link, you can initiate instant meetings and make it easier for participants to join your scheduled meetings. This link becomes a valuable tool in your communication arsenal.

Customizing Audio and Video Device Preferences

You can customize your preferred audio and video devices for a seamless meeting experience. These settings remain consistent unless you choose to sign out.

Resources and Additional Information

Use the Amazon Chime help centre and documentation to explore more features and detailed guidance. Additionally, you can enable the Amazon Chime Outlook add-in to seamlessly integrate Amazon Chime into your Outlook for scheduling meetings.


Amazon Chime Basic offers comprehensive features to enhance communication and collaboration, whether for personal use or within your business. A simple login process and user-friendly interface make it a cost-effective solution for staying connected and productive.