An Effective Guide For Setting Price of Your New Product

What is the best and most effective price-setting strategy? It is the most difficult and puzzling question for all beginners. Because about 90 percent of buyers make a selection or comparative analysis based on the price of the product.

From cash flow to estimated revenue growth, the price of the product is linked with all aspects of the business. Too much higher or lower price results in the complete failure of the product and in some cases it badly affects the whole business. 

Suffice it to say, pricing a product or a service is a very critical step that requires utmost care and precision. While setting the price of the product, make sure to consider the profitability and market value of the product. It is an integral component of conducting a sales content audit if you want more leads and inquiries.

Looking for a smart pricing strategy to set the price of your new product? Here are some important instructions listed below to assist you

Clearly Define your Objectives 

The most critical step in the pricing of a product is to define the goal that you want to achieve with the price of that particular product. Having a clear idea of your objectives enables you to choose the right pricing strategy for your product or service.

If you are a beginner or introducing a new product and your purpose is just to introduce your product in the market you may set a low price to catch the first sight of the customers. And if you’re selling more than one product then consistency in pricing is the best option. It will pursue the buyer of one product to purchase the second product at the same rate. 

If your objective is to serve a high-quality and branded user experience you may set a relatively higher price than others. It will ensure that you are selling something unique and good quality 

Market Analysis 

One of the best ways to price a new product is the market analysis. Take a deep dive into the relevant market and figure out what are the requirements of the customers. And what solutions other companies have for the customers at what price. It will enable you to estimate the price range of your target area, customer’s budget, and estimated profit. Never try to match the price of your competitors by lowering the quality. It will affect the repute of the company and may cause serious consequences. While pricing your product make it clear to your customers that a low price will offer low quality and a bit higher price will ensure the quality of the product. 

Cover the Cost Value 

An important factor that plays a significant role in the pricing of a product is its cost value.

It includes all the expenses of raw materials, manufacturing costs, packaging, and distribution expenditures. While setting the price make sure it will cover at least its cost value. The cost value varies with the amount of the products you manufacture or sell. If you are selling a single product then it is more necessary to cover all the expenses in the price of the product. 

Select Right Pricing Model 

The most critical step in the pricing of a new product is the selection of the right pricing strategy.

You can use the premium pricing strategy if you are selling unique and high-quality products. It will allow you to set a higher price as compared to your competitors.

An economy pricing strategy is the best option for a large-scale business. This strategy refers to lower rates to satisfy the price-conscious customers. 

With a psychological pricing strategy, you can pursue the customers to buy more products than they need or you may also use a bundle pricing methodology to sell multiple products.

Final Thought 

It is highly confusing to select the right pricing strategy from a lot of pricing models. However, market analysis and clear determination of your objectives can help you to select the right pricing model that will help you to achieve your goals. And once you have set your price, it’s time to market and sell your products. And for this, you can provide your salesforce with Content Camel, the best Uberflip alternative that has proven extremely useful in the sales industry.