An Overview of Commercial Laundry Service For Linen Cleaning

Are you in urgent need of commercial laundry services? At Hello Laundry we offer a whole spectrum of laundry and linen cleaning services in London with free pickup and delivery. Our team of professionals provides a wide range of commercial laundry services that includes washing, ironing, folding, dry cleaning, and more. We pick up the linen and dirty laundry from hotels and business organisations and then deliver the clean laundry directly to the doorstep. Read on to know more about commercial laundry services in greater detail. 

Services offered by commercial laundry platforms

Pickup of soiled linen from your doorstep

Book to avail of laundry services over phone or at the website and the customer service assistants will get in touch with you to provide you with commercial laundry services. The delivery agents will collect the dirty laundry from your registered address and deliver the laundry to the plant for cleaning and ironing. Commercial laundry services are generally offered to hotels, resorts, restaurants, hospitals, and other organisations. 

Sorting of linen

Sorting of laundry is essential for the prevention of colour bleeding of linen. It is important to separate the white linen from coloured linen to prevent the bleeding of colours into the white linen. At the commercial laundry service plant, the trained personnel engage in sorting the dirty laundry on the basis of colour and type. The white linen that includes bedsheets, robes, and towels goes to a separate compartment. This helps in maintaining the white colour of the linen at every stage of washing and cleaning. 

Rinsing of linen

Most commercial laundry service plants wash linen in industrial washing machines of high capacity. The washing machines wash the linen at regular speed in cold water. The commercial laundry service platforms use mild detergent powder and gentle chemical solvents for cleaning the lines and getting rid of stains and greasy marks. 

Drying of wet linen after washing

The damp laundry is placed in dryers of large capacity for drying. The professionals at commercial laundry plants sort the wet linen into different compartments on the basis of the fabric to dry out the linen carefully without ruining the sensitivity of the fibre. The bedsheets of soft fibre are dried simply to the extent of squeezing out the extra moisture. The dry laundry is then sent to the ironing department.

Ironing of dry linen

Ironing of laundry is essential not only to make the linen appear neat and clean, but also, to eliminate weird odours and germs. The big-sized pressing machines are large enough to iron double bed sheets and tablecloths of banquet tables. The bulk of laundry is loaded into ironing machines by hand by the staff of commercial laundry service plants. The machines are capable of smoothening creases, lines, wrinkles, and folds easily. 

Folding of linen

At commercial laundry service plants, folding of ironed and pressed linen is done by machines. The pressed linen is loaded into folding machines, and the machines fold, sort, and package the linen neatly into boxes. The machines fold the laundry in a way that no wrinkles appear along the line of folds in the laundry. 

Weight discrepancy check of laundry

This stage of checking the weight of laundry is extremely important. The trained staff check the wait of the ironed and folded linen to make sure that there are no major discrepancies in the weight of laundry. If the laundry is damaged or ruined beyond repair, then the laundry will be packaged separately so that the damage does not spread to the rest of the cleaned laundry. The weight of laundry is also checked in order to make sure that delivery of laundry is done accurately. 

Delivery of cleaned linen to your registered address

Commercial laundry service plants always deliver the clean laundry to the registered addresses of the clients. The home delivery of clean laundry takes place within a couple of days or so.


Now that you are well aware of the services offered by commercial laundry service platforms, it is time to get in touch with Hello Laundry for our services. Hello Laundry offers the best and most affordable linen cleaning service. Commercial laundry service is available for different organisations of different sectors.