Top 3 Android Phone Call Recorder Apps for Smart Phone & Devices

Android call recorder apps are fantastic for meetings, conferencing, etc. Xiaomi MI devices include the android call recording feature by default, and so does most other OEM MTK apparatus.

For most of the other Android devices that don’t come with this feature enabled, you can make do with any of these top 6 best Android phone recorder programs. They’re light-weighted and barely bug your devices’ internal storage memory/allocation.

Android is significantly more than a working system for this recent time. Android OS has exposed us to more functionalities and security of our apparatus, homes and even offices than the Java and Symbian devices of old.

We sometimes get into some vital conversations with influential people on the phone and want to get a record of this telephone for further investigations or reference purposes.

Few smartphones generate (Such as Xiaomi mobile) do comprise bloatware call recording Program that enables you to carry out those functions while making a call or answering a telephone, although some skip it.

But we won’t as they may be applied as communicating signs with others based on potential reasons, which is the absolute essence of this article.

A number of those recording apps also comes with call tracker, providing you with access to locate the exact place someone is calling you from.

Auto Call Recorder

Auto call recorder is one of the best app to record phone call on android devices. This Program records your incoming/outgoing phone calls in direct clear sound quality.

It has many beautiful features, such as viz;

  • Search
  • Record outgoing and incoming phone calls.
  • Record calls history
  • Call logs
  • Contacts

Some cellular devices do not support phone recording due to capabilities of distinct chipset/CPU or Android version,

However, whoa, Auto call recorder is compatible with all android devices having android version 5 and above.


Some of its key features include; Password Protection and Contacts Backup, and for these key features, the Program is believed to be toll distinct from other call recorder app on domain play shop.


  • Records Call in HD audio quality.
  • Smart Unknown Caller Details Notifications
  • Supports 3GPP & MPEG4 formats
  • Password Protection
  • No Online Access required
  • Compatible with Hi-Tech Features
  • Supports Multiple Languages

Phone Records Features: Play, Delete, Phone, Share, Share Immediate to Phone Sharing programs.

TheOneSpy Call Recorder

TheOneSpy Call Recorder program lets you automatically record calls on your phone and listen to them afterwards.

You need not be concerned about recording your call; this App automatically does it to after installed on your apparatus.


Automatically record incoming/outgoing telephone calls; No need to drive a record button!

  • Select small recording file formats like mp3, mp4 and 3gp, so you can get live-quality audio while keeping file size small.
  • Necessary call recording list administration.
  • Listen to recorded files using the media player that is cloned.
  • Share files through email, MMS, or easily use messenger programs installed on your phone, cloud apps, SNS apps, or journal apps.
  • Copy files to your phone’s memory card straight (USB).
  • Always able to test on available memory to save space.
  • Toggle either to show or hide recordings in your phone’s media player.
  • (Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive automatic linking provided)


Phone recording is excellent for many reasons. All of your motives for capturing your calls either automatically or manually is that you can always bank on these Call Recording Apps.

Have you got another tremendous Android Phone Recorder Program in your mind?