Antarctic token airdrop: A Short Guide For Beginners

Wallets for Bitcoin and Ethereum can get tokens through an airdrop method. This plan has been gaining a lot of steam lately. Since their meteoric rise in August 2017, airdrops have become the latest trend in the bitcoin industry. Many websites post about an average of five new airdrops every day, which is slowly increasing.

The main goal of every airdrop is to spread the word about a business, coin, or cryptocurrency exchange. Airdropping coins is like when stores give away free samples of their products. Many new companies give early adopters a small number of free tokens before their ICO to get their name out there.

A tried-and-true marketing strategy is to give away free products to potential customers and investors. Airdrops of cryptocurrency work the same way. During an initial coin offering (ICO), when new blockchain companies give investors free Antarctic token airdrop, this is a common way to do things. In the past, many businesses have used this method to market their tokens successfully.

Why We Use Airdrops

The value of a cryptocurrency will only go up when enough people use it. The more digital currencies are used, the more likely they will be widely accepted, and their prices will go up.

One of the most important reasons for the airdrop is the recent restrictions on ICO advertising, which have turned out to be strict. Token sale companies can no longer advertise their products on Google or Facebook (although FB seems to be allowing such ads again). So, airdrops are the best way to get the word out about a product.

How to Join an Airdrop: A Step-by-Step Guide

It would help if you had the following things to take part in both classic and bounty airdrops:

  • An Ethereum wallet that doesn’t connect to any trading site. Most airdrops give out tokens based on Ethereum. You will need an ERC20-compliant wallet with a unique address to get them. Before you can get your free tokens, you have to turn on your wallet.
  • A Telegram account is an important way to communicate in the crypto world. It is common for airdrop participants to have to join the project’s Telegram channel before they can get rewards. If you don’t want to risk being kicked out and getting nothing, you shouldn’t cancel your membership or delete your account.
  • Someone has a Twitter account. Many airdrops ask participants to check this platform to see how the project is going. Some campaigns need you to share their tweets again.
  • Email. Most of the time, you’ll need to give your email address to get an airdrop.
  • This is the referral’s ID. Sometimes, you need a referral link to join an airdrop. Most of the time, giving the person’s name and email address is enough.

It’s too soon to say what will happen with the latest craze, airdrops, but everyone seems to agree that initial coin offerings (ICOs) need real people to be interested in tokens and access them.

People who want free tokens should always be careful and never, ever, ever give out their private keys. They shouldn’t forget that there are many scammers in the crypto sphere, and they should always do their research before connecting to any airdrop, no matter how tempting it may seem.