Antitrust Trial Reveals DuckDuckGo’s Struggle Against Google’s Dominance

Ky HiIn the heart of Washington, a pivotal trial unfolds, aiming to determine whether Alphabet’s Google has violated US antitrust laws. At the centre of this legal battle stands DuckDuckGo, the CEO of which Gabriel Weinberg testified on Thursday. Shedding light on his internet search engine company’s immense challenges.

Challenges Faced by DuckDuckGo

  • Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo’s CEO, was a key witness.
  • He talked about how difficult it was for his company to get more users.
  • He said Google gave a lot of money to essential companies to keep using Google as the leading search engine on phones and computers.
  • Breaking news: Weinberg tried to convince other companies to use DuckDuckGo as the primary search, but it didn’t work.
  • Even though some companies were initially interested, they had yet to switch because they had signed contracts with Google.
  • After three years of trying, Weinberg and his team decided it was too hard because of these contracts.

The Government’s Antitrust Argument

  • The United States laws and government are in the fight against Google.
  • They say Google has a vast share of the search market, about 90%.
  • Google allegedly gives a massive $10 billion yearly to big tech companies like Apple and telecom giants like AT&T.
  • This money ensures that Google stays the leading search engine on their devices, making it hard for competitors like DuckDuckGo.
  • The government also thinks that because Google is so prominent in search, it makes much money from advertising.

DuckDuckGo’s Market Share Challenge

  • DuckDuckGo, a promising alternative to Google, only has a slight 2.5% share of the online search market.
  • One big problem is that it can’t be the automatic choice on devices big companies make.
  • This makes it hard for DuckDuckGo to get more users.
  • In a super competitive world, smaller players like DuckDuckGo struggle to break through and compete with the big names.


The ongoing trial in Washington emerges as a pivotal moment in shaping the tech industry’s future. International news says that  It hinges on whether Google’s business practices have transgressed antitrust laws. Gabriel Weinberg’s testimony, in his capacity as DuckDuckGo’s CEO, has laid bare the daunting challenges smaller players face navigating the internet search market. The case revolves around the allegation that Google harnessed its immense financial clout to fortify its dominant position.