Are Memory Foam Mattresses Bad for Your Back?


Memory foam mattresses are an absolute hit that lasts for years, and many people invest in them to improve the quality of their sleep. Memory foam is known to provide adequate support to the body, as it adapts to your line instead of twisting you so that it can support you properly. It is a fact that millions of satisfied users claim that they have never had better sleep, but it is also a fact that such mattresses are not suitable for everyone. There are exceptional cases in which it is more advisable to use a mattress of another material or a classic one with springs inside to provide adequate support and position during sleep.

Although it seems to you that the memory mattress is precisely what you need, our advice is generally to walk around several stores and consult with experts, especially with a doctor, if you have problems with back pain. There are so many different models of mattresses that it is virtually impossible to always choose what is best for you, but you can do your best to do so. Interestingly, even spouses in the same bedroom are not always comfortable with the same large mattress. The solution is split double or single models on each side of the bed.

Today, we talk about memory foam, but we will focus on a few downsides because many people do not believe it can exist. Yes, marketing has done a lot, and we think they’re a miracle. People who do not like it even feel bad because of the aggressive imposition of memory foam as a revolutionary discovery, after which no one will sleep poorly anymore.

If you are one of them, stay with us. You may be able to educate people more and teach them to look beyond what is shown in the ads.

Pros of memory foam:

• Provide good support to the whole body.

• Release the pressure of the mattress on the body.

• The blood flow is going correctly.

• The spine is in a natural position.

• Sufficiently asserted so as not to allow any distortion.

• Allow good air circulation around you.

• No significant moisture retention due to sweating and condensation.

• It is harder to destroy under the weight of the body.

Can such mattresses cause back pain?


Although they are made for the opposite, they can cause back pain in some people. Many people are happy with this kind of memory mattress, but some people do not like it at all, which is entirely normal. But you may be wondering how such a thing is possible at all. We will explain below:

Is your mattress too hard or too soft


Depending on your current habits, memory mattresses may be too hard or too soft. This is one reason why you may feel pain in your back or joints. If you can, you can use combined models to give your body time to get used to the new position. Memory foam mattresses come in different hardnesses, so it is good not to buy blindly but to try what suits you.

You feel too much pressure


Many people say these mattresses are like a hug in which they want to sink themselves, but we all know that not everyone enjoys tight hugs. If you feel more pressure than comfort, this model is probably not for you.

You usually sleep on your stomach


Those who sleep on their stomachs enjoy it, although many doctors warn that this is the worst possible position due to the bending of the spine and neck. In this case, memory mattresses can be a severe health risk for people who sleep on their stomachs, especially if they are overweight.

The mattress is not been adjusted yet


No matter how good it is, every mattress makes a dent in the place where we sleep, where our body feels like it is in a cradle. If you have severe pain problems, you may not have enough time to adjust to new sleeping habits. But if it continues after a month, the memory foam does not suit you. That is why the sellers give you 30 days to return the mattress if it does not suit you.

Negative sides of such models


• They retain more heat, which some users do not like because they sleep more comfortably when they are a bit cold.

• They are heavier than all other types of mattresses, their structure is thicker, and some people simply do not like them.

• Memory foam may have an unpleasant chemical odour that lingers in the mattress for a long time.

• Not everyone likes the feeling of sinking into a cloud.

• They can be too expensive compared to other mattresses of equally quality materials.

• They are not waterproof and require the construction of small boards so that there is circulation. Otherwise, mould may appear and can never be cleaned.

• The cost is not always justified because there are things you must be careful about, and we have already mentioned the heat and humidity. So, deciding if you are investing in a memory foam mattress is up to you.

• They are not as long-lasting as they advertise, and they are much more susceptible to damage due to weather conditions or greater weight on them.

• Climatic conditions affect the consistency of memory foam and can make it too soft if the weather is hot.

Now, you have enough reasons to research and learn as much as possible about any mattress you want to buy. Remember, comfort comes with the right choice, not commercial recommendations. You deserve the best sleep in the world, so choose wisely and correctly because it’s all it takes for you to sleep nicely at night.