Are Strips better than Waxing?

Excess body hair is despised by everyone. This is because they do not look good, they itch and are unpleasant. So, many people try to get rid of them. 

There are many ways to remove body hair, like waxing, threading, shaving, epilation, etc. All hair removal methods are used widely. Every individual uses the hair removal method according to his convenience.  

However, today our topic is waxing. You might be surprised to know that there are many types of waxes, for instance, hot wax, soft wax, fruit wax, Brazilian wax, strip wax, etc.  Therefore, we will discuss strip wax vs. hot wax in this article today and see which is better, strips or hot wax. Simple wax strips price in Pakistan is available online; you can check and compare it easily.

Difference between Strip Wax and Hot Wax 

Whenever someone mentions wax, it is strip wax that you think of instantly. It is a slightly thick liquid wax that is applied to the targeted area using a disposable spatula. Then a disposable strip is applied to that wax and is pulled instantly against the hair growth. The procedure is repeated all over again to complete the waxing. In this way, hair is removed using strip wax. 

On the other hand, hot wax is thick and is applied as it is to the hairy area. Similar to the above-mentioned procedure, this wax is also applied using a disposable wooden spatula. The wax expert will apply a slightly thick layer of wax at your required area and apply a thicker layer at the base for pulling purposes. Once the wax is applied, it is allowed to cool. After cooling, the wax will harden. After it’s hardening, your wax expert will peel it from the corner and wax your area. A similar process is required to completely wax the area. This is strip wax vs. hot wax. 

How Can I Choose Strip Wax Or Hot Wax? 

If you are confused that which the right option is, strip wax or hot wax bikini, then let me clarify one thing. Strip wax is typically used for large areas to remove hair for instance arms, legs, and back. Moreover, strip waxing is not a time consuming procedure on these areas, instead it provides a strong grip to your hair on these regions. Furthermore, strip wax is designed for thick skinned areas on the body and when used on sensitive areas, the result can be unpleasant. For example, using it on the face or bikini can cause bruising or inner grown hair. 

Then comes the hot wax. Hot wax is as the name suggests heated and applied to sensitive areas like the bikini line, underarms, and face for hair removal. This wax is beneficial for these areas as it has a good grip on the hair and that it does not cause breakage of hair on these parts. 

Both procedures have their benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, you can choose the right procedure depending on your requirements or you can discuss it with your wax expert for a better waxing experience.

Strip Wax vs. Hot Wax, Which Is Less Painful? 

Whatever the type of wax, it is not a very painful procedure. Whether you go for hot wax or strip wax for face, both techniques produce good results with minimum pain. 

However, pain also depends on the person’s endurance. Overall when done properly, when the strip is peeled off accurately and in the right direction the hair is removed completely without any pain. But when an untrained person waxes you, there are chances that you might feel pain due to wrong pulling of the strip.

Hot wax or strip wax whatever you consider, consult your wax expert for a better recommendation. However, strip wax is meant for arms, legs, and back and hot wax is for the face underarms, and bikini line. Furthermore, both procedures are better when executed properly.