Are Zebra Blinds Worth It?

First, exactly, what are zebra blinds? They are a type of roller blinds. As the name suggests, they work on the same core functionality of rolling up and down.

But zebra blinds also reflect something they are named by. Zebra blinds are dual blinds because there are not one but two layers of fabrics, back and forth.

There is one panel but the single panel is in a continuous loop and that’s why there are two separate layers, as their name there are alternate solid and sheer stripes.

So, are zebra blinds worth it, if yes then why?

Zebra Blinds Are Rightly Modernish

Roller Blinds are old names in window blinds, but certainly, they merge very well with modern interiors. Making it look classy.

Roller blinds lack in them the standard slats’ functionality. But because zebra blinds have a continuous loop of fabric with alternate stripes.

Zebra blinds are the most mature of roller blinds in functionality regards. Also, zebra blinds can be cordless too, this makes them more safer without leaving you with hidden cords.

Due to the alternate stripes in a continuous loop, zebra blinds offer a transitional look. Because every time when the cords are pulled, alternate stripes overlap each other, back and forth.

Every different alignment of alternate stripes gives you a unique but modern look that blends sleekly with the rest of the interior.

Convenience Of Zebra Blinds

Roller blinds are surely the most convenient type of roller blinds in the blinds lineup. Zebra blinds are also part of roller blinds and hence are so convenient as well.

Like normal roller blinds, zebra blinds are also based on synthetic materials, so, they are also waterproof, and hence very durable in moisture conditions.

Just like normal roller blinds, zebra blinds don’t get dirty so easily. The reason is the same as in normal roller blinds. Both have vertical designs and hence didn’t let room for something to settle.

Also, zebra blinds didn’t wrinkle as often, except in case there is bad material in them.

Light Filtering And Privacy Maintenance Of Zebra Blinds

In normal roller blinds, you will be offered one superior kind of feature at one time. In zebra blinds, we will also enjoy that kind of roller blinds thing but with a twist.

Zebra blinds can even provide you with minimal of both features at the same time, because of their alternate stripes.

But light filtering surely gonna be impressive in zebra blinds, when the back and forth, solid and sheer stripes overlap differently it provides you with different outcomes.

When the sheer stripes overlap sheer stripes, doubling back and forth, increases their opacity. And hence you will have impressive light filtering there, but the privacy is still gonna be there because of the higher opacity levels, but it is gonna be minimal.

Aligning the solid stripes over the sheer ones of Zebra Blinds blocks out all the possible passage of light because sheer stripes are now covered up.

Giving you a much more better and supreme kind of privacy level than normal roller blinds.