Author: saifullah

ServiceNow introduction support service

The Kanini service introduced ServiceNow in-house in 5+ year and is utilizing it for the operation of many systems and the integrated management of different business processes. By combining the optimization method cultivated through various system management experiences with the excellent technology called ServiceNow, we carefully solve business productivity issues. 1 What is ServiceNow? It […]

Romantic Things to Do on Honeymoon in Bali with Your wife.

Bali’s astonishing grandness comes in various designs — from intriguing asylums set against stunning normal settings, rising above volcanoes, perfect unsettled areas, rich common life to enchanting sunsets… after nightfall hours, you will find the dancefloors of mainstream gathering spots stuffed to the edge! Experience your days impassively sunbathing on Bali’s best coastlines, riding the […]

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