Basmati Vs Jasmine Rice: Which one better for your health?

The question of what’s better basmati Vs Jasmine rice is a difficult one to answer because the two are so similar in taste. Some people swear by either one but some swear by both and vice versa. The truth is that they are both equally good so why should I be better off with either?

Which rice has more flavor?

Basmati has a very mild taste which gives it an almost “off” flavor. Jasmine has a stronger taste and can be a bit overpowering. I prefer Jasmine over basmati in many recipes, especially in soups and stews.

Mix up for extra taste:

In fact, when I make a basmati rice pilaf, I like to start with a cup or so of basmati and then add a teaspoon or two of Jasmine rice after the rice is cooked. It just gives the rice a little bit of extra spice.

Jasmine contains refined sugar:

Basmati is also better for you than Jasmine. Jasmine contains a lot of refined sugar, which makes your body crave it even more. Basmati on the other hand is low in sugar, which helps curb your cravings.

Easy to cook:

However, basmati is generally not as easy to prepare as Jasmine. Jasmine tends to take a while to cook and when it does, the rice absorbs a lot of the moisture from the dish. This can cause a “stratified” taste that tastes a lot like butter or mayonnaise. With basmati, the rice has more room to absorb the flavors of the broth without getting too mushy.

Jasmine rice is little more expensive than Basmati:

If you like Jasmine, then it might be time to give basmati some serious consideration. Jasmine tends to be a little bit more expensive than basmati but the taste difference is minimal. I’m personally happier with the taste of basmati than I am with Jasmine. I like eating Basmati rice more.

Use right amount of water to avoid stickiness:

The only thing to watch out for with basmati is that sometimes you can have problems with uneven cooking or rice that has developed too much stickiness. This is a common problem with basmati because it has more water in it than Jasmine does. If your rice seems to stick when you cook it, then it’s probably because you’re using too much water. You might have to increase the amount of water you use.

Cook three minutes longer to get perfect cooked rice:

To avoid this problem Basmati Vs Jasmine Rice, always cook your rice at least three minutes longer than you usually would. And use only enough water to cover the rice at first, and then add a little extra to the pan.

You can use a little oil while cooking:

If you want to be able to cook rice from the rice cooker, there is a feature on some models that allows you to adjust the rice setting. So that it cooks evenly. It is also possible to add your own aromatherapy oils to the pot to make the rice smell just right.

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