Be a Great Host: Three Tips for Impressing Guests to Your Home

It doesn’t have to be difficult or unpleasant to prepare for guests to your home. It all comes down to balance and empathetic hosting. Personalizing your space for visitors, and really thinking about what they like will in the end lead to you being crowned the “hostess with the mostess”! When it comes to throwing a dinner party or having guests to stay, all you need are the appropriate ingredients, i.e., delicious food and drinks, as well as the ideal company. 

Plan Wisely

When throwing a dinner party, choose your guests carefully. Will each of the guests feel at ease with the others? Is there a chance of a tense situation or a fallout? For an intimate atmosphere, consider the number of guests. You could invite more folks if you have adequate space. Plan your menu and cooking schedule: make a list of what needs to go in the oven and when it needs to go in the oven, working backwards from when you want to serve everything. Remember to give things like meat time to rest to acquire the finest flavor and texture. To ensure that no one goes hungry, have a few drinks and appetizers ready before your visitors arrive.

Place the Focus on Them

Spend some time before your guests arrive envisioning their life from their point of view. What are their likes and dislikes? Make sure to take these into account as part of your planning. First impressions matter, so make sure that even things like your front door are pristine and welcoming. Create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere with soft, low lighting. Use lamps or opulent scented candles instead of overhead lighting. To avoid awkward silences, make sure music is playing as visitors arrive. Add fresh flowers or a scented diffuser to your entryway to make it feel more friendly.

Make sure you have a spot where your guests may store small belongings such as keys, wallets, and other valuables while still having easy access to them afterwards. If you want your guests to take off their shoes, you should provide a shoe rack or box where they can be safely stored. Make sure you have a closet where your guests can readily access their belongings without having to ask you for assistance.

Following your initial introduction, it’s a good idea to show your guests where they may get drinks and snacks without having to trouble you. Show them where to find the coffee machine and your prized Gourmesso pods. This will help them to feel at ease.  

Be Generous

Empathy is defined as doing things for the sake of another. Empathetic hosting caters to the needs and desires of the guests, but you also do it to please yourself, as strange as it may sound. It indicates that you should cease catering to the guest and start caring for yourself as soon as you feel resentful or exhausted. Draw the line where your generosity ends, and your own happiness begins to wane. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t give perfectly or impressively.

Sharing the feast of life with the people we care about entails sharing our space, our time, our ideas, and our hearts. Although empathetic hosting will make your visitors feel amazing, you’ll find that no matter how much they enjoy themselves, the one who derives the most pleasure is you, the host. 

If you aim to be a host who impresses, you are already halfway there. If you plan wisely, place the focus on your guests, and are generous with your space, time, and ideas, your guests will be clambering to be invited back to your home.  

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