Beauty procedures that you should not be doing at home

Yes, you can do anything you want in your life. Dream big. Do not let the hurdles perturb go. You do whatever inspires you. But do not do some of the beauty procedures!

The danger of DIY 

It can be very tempting to do different procedures at home. Going to the salon or the beauty clinic can be halesome. Moreover, if you can do it yourself, why would you spend so much money on the expert?

Furthermore, the influencers on different social media sites also corroborate the efficacy of some of the methods. So, it is a no-brainer to DIY it, right?

Well, wrong! When it comes to the trap of social media, you fail to realize that the influencer you look up to is not a dermatologist. Also, the expertise is pertinent, as you are not aware of the dangers of the procedures, do not have the correct apparatus, and do not know how to do damage control. 

However, not all procedures are off the table, only some of them. These include:


Dermaplaning is a process that is used to remove the facial hair alongside exfoliating the skin. It involves using a scalpel-like tool to remove the peach fuzz and the skin. 

Many people might be tempted to do this procedure themselves, but that’s a car crash waiting to happen. 

The blade of the tool is rather sharp, and if not handled with precision, can lead to cuts. Furthermore, there is also a chance of infection if the tool and the skin are not sterilized properly. 

Similarly, dermaplaning at home also the carries the risk of scarring as well. For people with sensitive skin or problems like rosacea, it may also lead to irritation as well. 

Thus, let a licensed expert carry out the process instead. 

Laser hair removal 

Laser is often done in the specialist’s office, where the technician is handling the frequency of the laser. Otherwise, it may lead to pain, burning and even scarring. 

So, when you do the procedure at home, you put yourself at unnecessary danger. Moreover, the machines that professionals use are more precise and tend to offer more promising results. 


Microneedling has been a popular cosmetic procedure. It involves making small pricks on the facial skin with the intention of merely puncturing the skin. It not only helps in boosting blood supply to the face, but also aids in improved collagen production and skin appearance, alongside tightening the skin. 

However, the at-home kits are something that the experts advise against. Naturally, when you are pricking the skin, you need to be very careful about sterilization. There are bacteria on the skin, even if we forgo that on the tool, which posit the risk of infection. 

Furthermore, there is also the danger of scarring, bruising, and other forms of harm to the skin. Moreover, different needle sizes are used to treat different issues, and the layperson is not aware of these nuances. 

Hence, do not try the pens and rollers to do the process at home, but entrust a professional with the process. 


Exfoliation is important. It helps in improving your cell turnover. It also sloughs of the layer of the dead skin cells, giving you a glowing complexion as a result. 

However, you should try to steer clear of the DIY facial scrubs, especially the ones that are extra abrasive.

Facial skin is more delicate, so is more prone to breaking. It can then cause infection and irritation. Moreover, there is also the chance of you over-exfoliating, and then running into problems like breakouts. 

Thus, go for chemical exfoliants that contain AHA and BHA, or get scrubs made by reputable brands that are also endorsed by the Best Skin specialist in Karachi. You should also follow the direction on the pack on the frequency of the exfoliation.