Benefits of using Instagram Widget on Business Website

Instagram Widget

Social media has become an essential part of our life. And with over a billion monthly active users, we know that Instagram is the most loved platform. 

Marketers know that too, and that’s why they keep experimenting with its content by bringing discoveries for better brand growth. One such discovery is Instagram Widget for websites. Keep reading to know more.

What Is an Instagram Widget?

Instagram Widget is a tool that enables brands to bring Instagram’s content to their business websites. It all starts with you choosing a widget platform that comes with a social media aggregator. 

You can use the aggregator to fetch content from Instagram using sources like hashtags, mentions, your Instagram handle, etc. The aggregator will bring all your preferred Instagram content in one unified feed. 

You can further moderate the collected feed and filter out the irrelevant or repeated content so that you are only left with a feed with rich content. Many Instagram Widget platforms also offer customization options to use themes, templates, colors, fonts, and more to make your Instagram Widget more captivating. 

Now, the final step is to generate the embed code for your Instagram Widget. Once generated, you can simply copy and paste the embed code at the backend of your website, and your Instagram Widget will be ready for your website visitors to engage.

Benefits Of Using Instagram Widget On Business Website

  1. Improves Website Vibrancy

Instagram is a visual platform, and its users love the vibrant content it offers. Now, bring that vibrancy to your website with the Instagram Widget. When you embed the Instagram Widget on your website, you make your website more visually appealing for your website visitors.

When we see something for the first time, it is the visuals that capture our attention the most, and with the Instagram Widget, you will get to create the perfect first impression on your website visitors and captivate them with the aesthetic Instagram content.

  1. Increase Website Dwell Time

When you bring the Instagram content to your website with the Instagram Widget, you give something unique and refreshing to your website visitors. When users are used to the basic website format of every business website, the Instagram Widget will help you stand out.

The Instagram Widget will entice your website visitors and encourage them to stay longer on your website. When the website visitors will stay longer on your website, it will increase your website’s dwell time. Many business website owners often struggle with higher bounce rates when website visitors leave the website within the first few seconds. The Instagram Widget will encourage them to stay longer, which will help to decrease the business website’s bounce rate to a great extent.

  1. Highlights Your Business Campaigns

It is common for any business on Instagram to create campaigns and reach the target audiences. If you do the same, then here is a benefit for you. Use the Instagram Widget to bring your Instagram business campaign to your website and make it visible to your website visitors. 

Your website visitors will engage with the content, and if they like the content, they are more likely to visit your Instagram business account, follow you and share your content with their friends and followers. It will help you increase your Instagram followers like never before.

  1. Builds Trust With UGC

The world of content started with brand-created content, where brands would spend hours brainstorming on the kind of content that would capture maximum audience attention. Now things have changed entirely, consumers’ perspective towards content consumption has also evolved. They now want things that are more authentic and less made-up. 

That’s why brands have started acquiring user-generated content as their main form of content. When you upload UGC on Instagram and bring its content to your business website in the form of Instagram Widget, you give something more reliable to the users. UGC inspires the visitors, and it also helps your business website stand out because of the uniqueness UGC brings in.

  1. Boost Conversions

Many Instagram Widget platforms also come with the shoppable feature, which enables users to make purchases right from the widget. If you are an ecommerce store, this is the perfect opportunity for you to boost your conversions. Create an Instagram Widget equipped with your products’ pictures and tag the products with hotspots or Shoppable tags.

Your website visitors will no longer have to go through your entire website to search for products. They can explore your entire product catalog with the engaging Instagram Widget, making it the perfect social shopping experience for them. It will help you boost your conversion rate like never before.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Now, it’s time to wrap it up from our end. But from yours, it is time to unwrap. Unwrap this new possibility of bringing Instagram’s magic to your website. You just got to know about the Instagram Widget, and what all benefits it would bring to your business website.

So, go on to choose your ideal Instagram widget platform and go on this new journey of endless brand growth possibilities.

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