Benefits on one-on-one personal training

Once you decide to get healthy, and start working out daily, to turn your life around, you may encounter some negative feedback from the people surrounding you. However, getting fit, and staying that way should not be a lonely path. Having your own personal trainer can be very beneficial in your path to getting healthy.


When you start the process of getting a healthy (or healthier) lifestyle, hiring a personal trainer will give you a dedicated friend to help you reach your goal, while carefully considering all the factors like your age, height, weight, fitness level, and previous experience.

Some personal trainers can even give you your own, personalized meal plan to follow, depending on what your goal is. If it is weightloss, they will decrease caloric intake. If it is toning your muscles through weightlifting, you will have an opposite meal plan, upping your caloric intake during the day, filled with a lot of protein.

They can also recommend gear to help you achieve your goal faster.

It all depends on what you wish to achieve, but one thing that does not change is your trainer’s dedication to help you look your best self.

Safety reasons

A personal trainer’s job to maintain your safety. Whether your goal is to lose weight, or tone your muscles, the trainer is there to make sure you are keeping healthy habits, spotting you in the gym, and prioritizing your safety.

Trainers do not stop being trainers after you leave the gym. However, their job is most effective within the gym, where they will watch out that you are doing the exercises correctly, to not hurt yourself. Sometimes, they will step in, and correct your posture, spot you if you need to, or just be there to keep you focused on your current task.

Effective support

Support is maybe the most crucial part of any weightloss or toning journey. Your trainer is there to support you, and to constantly remind you of your goals. However, moral support is not the only type of support you will get from a personal trainer. They will cheer you on, motivate you to keep on trying when you feel like you don’t want to continue.

They are there to help with the rough patches, with emotional state, with physical pain, to be your friend and believe in you, but also your enemy. To push you to your last limits, to persuade you to do ‘just one more set’, that turns into five more sets.

But do not take it personally. They are there to do their job. And some of the best personal trainers Sydney has to offer will tell you that none of the work matters, without proper support system. If you get close to achieving your goals, and then promptly fall off the wagon, that is not a job well done.

Immediate feedback

Having someone skilled next to you, to tell you how to correctly do an exercise, without hurting yourself, is the next crucial thing. As a beginner, you will not know how to do many exercises, simply because you lack experience. Plus, for every exercise, there is a beginner version (lightweight version), a standard version, and a pro version – to further your success.

Therefore, having someone constantly checking what you are doing, is not hovering, nor pettiness, it is simply taking care of your posture, and your health. If a trainer sees that you are struggling with an exercise, they will most probably offer a replacement. 

Constant motivation to move further

When you are in pain, the least you want to do is go do more exercises. But you set your objectives, and now it is your duty to follow through.

And having a personal trainer will be worth it most at times like these. Having someone to openly cheer for you, and guide you through your pain is worth much more than skipping a session, and then having to go through it again the next time.

Additionally, your trainer will recognize when you are over-exhausting your body, and tone it down for you, or they will gradually add on more to your exercise if they estimate your body is ready for it.

While the role of a trainer is not only to make sure you are chiseled, it is also not their job to hold your hand while it hurts. They are there to make you push through the pain, and remember your goals. If they can achieve to remind you of your goals, and fuel your motivation until you no longer feel the pain, they are the right fit for you. 

You can most definitely rely on your personal trainer to keep you safe, and motivated. With a one-on-one sessions, you will achieve your goals much quicker, and without the risk of hurting yourself.