Best 5 Ways To Wear Printed Shirts

Prints have revolutionised the casual fashion department, whether it be a workplace outing, an evening with friends, or simply going out for a walk, with trends continually changing over time and fashion. There is no margin for lack of variety with a wide range of printed shirts available today, be it tropical, floral, abstract, blocks, and even an artsy print.

5 Ways To Style A Printed Shirt For The World To See

1. Play with Patterns:

There are thousands of printed shirts waiting for you to choose from, like summer-look tropical prints like coconut leaves in printed shirts. For a night out, small prints on durable colours are preferable. For office visits, geometric prints work well. Graphic prints are available for casual day outs, and there are other several prints to pick from.

2. Style with Denim:

When making a statement, bright colours and large prints make one seem elegant. They look their best if matched with denim or even with chinos. But you still lay the stain with a dark jacket to neutralise the shirt’s impact when the colour is too vivid.

3. Incorporate Bright Colours

Small prints in bright colour look super unique and look good on everybody. The quirky prints make the monotonous shirt look more colourful, and give one a feeling of being distinct from the others. Micro prints are still the perfect stepping stone to those willing to start small on their printed shirt journey.

4. Geometric Prints for a Formal Look

Geometric prints and vertically striped shirts are always in style. Besides offering a great formal and curious appeal, anytime you want to give the illusion of looking taller, vertical stripes can help you. But let’s not neglect circles, triangles, rectangles. These prints are just another fashion statement of their own, and a great pair of trousers with the right shoes to pair with them is everything you need.

5. Floral Print for Summer

The floral print for summer is another enjoyable print. The most important thing to consider when wearing florals is that nothing is unlikely to dress them up as you want. Floral prints mixed with dark denim and light shade shoes give a confident, charming look.

Bonus Print Styling for a Casual Look

The best one can get when going for a summer look is tropical prints on a light-coloured shirt. These prints combined with denim pants, chinos and even shorts are the epitome of a vacation look. When out on a brunch, nothing screams more relaxed than a tropical print shirt.


Take a step into your closet from the bland tops and inject a few colours and prints. Try out printed shirts with just the right jeans and right shoes, and you’re ready to go. As well as winter clothing, these shirts are ideal for summer and a perfect excuse to let your personality play with various moods and occasions. Websites such as providing a fashionable and new range to try out.