Best Alternatives of pikashow app

Hello everyone, are you looking for an alternative to Pikashow? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The video streaming app pikashow is one of the top ten video streaming apps I am mentioning today.

Downloading the pikashow app is one of the best ways to stream and download videos. Any video can be uploaded to the internet through your Android smartphone or tablet. It is also easy to view the videos you have uploaded when they are later on. It is very useful if you want to watch your favorite movie over and over again without having to purchase movies from the Google Play Store every day. The only challenge is finding a good alternative to this application, which is often impossible since there aren’t many that can match the pikashow video streaming app. In today’s post, I will share with you my  favorite video streaming apps: 

Tube TV

A 1080p HD or 720p HD video is provided with a 60 frames per second frame rate, which has a fast buffering time. Based on your data plan or Wi-Fi availability, you can select low, medium, or high resolutions. There are plenty of languages available for it, such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, etc. You can watch movies, TV shows, songs, news channels, and a variety of other things from all over the world. You can download videos from the Tubitv app and watch them without an internet connection, whenever you want. The video search function is very fast, and it provides results from around the world for whatever video you are looking for. Thoptv Apk is the only dedicated sports apk for all kind of Sports. You can get Free IPL streaming along with the highlights. It provides many sports streams like Star Sports HD, Ten Sports, SKY Sports, and more. You can also find ThopTv Alternatives.


Media files such as mp4 and videos from YouTube can be converted using Videovor. The internet provides different formats in which videos and music can be downloaded. For example, MP4 files can be downloaded. You can view them whenever you want.You can use this free service to download YouTube videos and other videos from other websites. It also allows you to download audio and video files.You can download videos from Videovor in various formats and with various music quality options.


It is one of my favorite video streaming apps, and I hope most people know about it because it has 100 million users who regularly use it. The app allows us to watch our favorite Indian and Hollywood movie shows directly. The subtitles are also supported, so it is useful for those who do not speak English. Their content can be enjoyed in Hindi or another language by changing the subtitles to match. After purchasing, we only need to pay once, then no more ads or payment issues arise. Viu is a good option if you want a video with HD resolution.

PlayBox HD    

Compared to another app, this app provides good audio quality with HD videos. There’s a search feature that allows you to search through all of its movies, and if you’re interested, you can download them. Because it’s an external application. You should always read the reviews before downloading any movie. There are also many genres to choose from, so whatever you want to watch, you can. Browse the app store and pick the one that suits your taste.


The application does not stream video, but it uses a search engine to provide us with free and unlimited movies in all languages and genres in HD. We can search and download movies on this app, but we must read their terms and conditions before downloading them. The answer to your question is that they have special partnerships with many sites, which can provide links for downloading movies from popular web hosting sites like 1fichier, etc.