The 7 Best Chinese Restaurants In Charlotte

Discover With Me The Top 7 Chinese Restaurants in Charlotte.

Embark on a culinary journey through China without leaving Charlotte by exploring the vibrant Chinese food scene in the city. From traditional mom-and-pop eateries to fusion-style restaurants, Charlotte offers diverse Chinese dining options. Whether you’re craving hot pots, noodle dishes, or delectable dumplings, these seven Chinese restaurants are must-visit destinations for authentic flavors and exceptional dining experiences.

P.F. Chang’s:

P.F. Chang’s is a renowned chain restaurant that has expanded its menu to include items like sushi rolls and poke. Located in a convenient and impressive setting, this family-friendly establishment offers creative interpretations of Chinese cuisine. Start your meal with their signature “Chang’s lettuce wraps” and try the crispy honey chicken for a heartier option.

NO           DISHES       PRICE
1           Sush:         $6
2           Sushi         $11
3           Appetizers         $7.5
4         Noodles & Rice         $12
5         The dim Sum         $6.5
6         Gluten-Free    $6
7         Main Entrées         $15
8           Dessert    $8

Lam’s Kitchen:

CUISINES:           Chinese 

SPECIAL DIETS: Vegetarian Friendly

MEALS:                Lunch, Dinner

RATING:                4.9


Specializing in Hong Kong-style cuisine, Lam’s Kitchen serves perfectly made dim sum and various meat and seafood dishes prepared with various sauces and techniques. Please take advantage of their clay pot dishes, such as spare ribs with taro and coconut milk, or classic favorites like beef brisket with daikon radish. Enjoy a family-style dining experience with a wide-ranging menu.

Lee Cafe:

Cuisine:                 Chinese Sushi Bar

Rating:                   3.9

Dress Code:          Casual

Payment Method: accepts credit cards

Parking:                 Private lot parking

Lee Cafe is a Chinese and sushi bar that offers Cantonese specialties alongside familiar dishes like orange chicken and beef with broccoli. Indulge in their unique offerings such as Salt & Spices Pork Chops and Lobster, Cantonese style. Szechuan-style dishes and Spicy Chili Chicken are highly recommended for those who appreciate spicy flavors.

Ho Ho Cherry House: 

Ho Ho Cherry House is an excellent choice for vegans, offering delectable tofu dishes coated in a sticky sweet, sour sauce. House specialties include Crispy Scallion Chicken and Honey Walnut Shrimp. Guests can also enjoy tasty fried chicken, egg drop soup, and sweet & sour chicken. While the service is spectacular, the overall rating on Google is below average.

            Signature Dishes:
  •         Crab Rangoon 
  •         Crispy scallion chicken 
  •         Hong Kong lobster
  •         Mapo tofu 
  •         Hong Kong crab 

Taste of Shu:

Specializing in spicy Szechuan cuisine, Taste of Shu offers a tempting selection of dishes featuring lip-numbing spice, crispy fried, spicy dumplings, and wontons. You can have them only at authentic Szechuan restaurants in Charlotte. They offer a menu filled with Szechuan delights. Try the three-pepper chicken for a crispy and delightfully spicy experience.


Located in South Park, Baoding offers a contemporary take on Chinese food in a stylish setting. Their menu features dishes like Beijing Duck, Firecracker Shrimp, and various Hunan and Szechuan specialties. Pair your meal with one of their cocktails, such as the Pineapple Saki-Tini or Chinese Firecracker, for a delightful dining experience.

Special Menu:

  • Chrispy Shredded Beef, 
  • Taiwanese Sausage
  • Fried Rice
  • Beijing Duck
  • Traditional Cold Appetizers 
  • Egg Noodle and Noodle Soup
  • Chicken Pasta  
  • Shrimp Pasta.
  • Mixed Vegetables

Sun’s Kitchen: 

Cuisine:   Authentic Chinese street food

Address:    2200 Thrift Rd., Charlotte, NC, North Carolina

Suns. Kitchen:

Sun’s Kitchen specializes in authentic Chinese street food and homestyle cuisine. Their menu highlights include:

  • Chili-soaked beef skewers.
  • Boiled pork dumplings.
  • A variety of colorful boiled dumplings stuffed with delicious fillings.

Don’t miss their Dan Dan Noodles, featuring a unique spicy sesame sauce over fresh noodles.


Experience Charlotte’s diverse and flavorful world of Chinese cuisine by visiting these top-rated Chinese restaurants. Whether you want to enjoy traditional dishes, spicy Szechuan cuisine, or contemporary interpretations, these establishments offer something for every palate. Explore the vibrant Chinese food scene in Charlotte.