Best Pool Vacuum Heads In 2022

Pool vacuums are vital for keeping a pool clean and sanitary. They are specially designed to suck up dirt and debris from your pool’s floor. For the best results, opt for a high-quality vacuum head designed with a durable metal center to resist breakage. The best pool vacuum heads on the market are easy to use, and are just as effective as the majority.

The Best Pool Vacuum Head

1.U.S. Pool Supply Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head

When you own a pool, you spend a lot of time enjoying it. But you also have to spend time keeping it clean, and that can be difficult. The vacuum head attached to your pool pump is an essential part of keeping your pool clean, and for the 2019 season, U.S. Pool Supply introduces the Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head. The Butterfly is a robust and affordable pool vacuum head that is easy to attach to any standard 1/2-inch pool vacuum hose.

2.Poolmaster Deluxe Air Relief Pool Vacuum

The Poolmaster Deluxe Air Relief Pool Vacuum System has a powerful 2.25 HP compressor that quickly pulls in air to empty your pool or spa, eliminating bubbles that can obstruct the filter. The heavy duty 2-speed pump has variable speed control, offering you greater control over the pump. The 4.5-inch diameter suction hose system removes dirt and debris from your pool or spa, and the motor is reversible so you can clean your pool or spa in either direction.

3.Milliard Spa Pool Vacuum Head

The Multiilliard Spa Pool Vacuum Head is the perfect tool for cleaning your pool, spa, fountains, or any body of water. It’s lightweight but powerful, making it easy to use. If you’ve been meaning to purchase a pool vacuum head, it will not only keep your pool clean, but save you the trouble and expense of having to replace your filter constantly.

4.Swimline Weighted Pool Vacuum Head

The Swimline Weighted Pool Vacuum Head is designed to make pool maintenance fast, easy, and affordable. The Vacuum Head is adjustable and allows the user to clean various pool depths and angles quickly and easily. The Weighted Pool Vacuum Head is constructed from durable, lightweight plastic.

5.FibroPool Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

It’s finally time to replace that hose-end plug-on vacuum head that’s been sitting on your pool for the past decade. But where on earth do you begin? Today’s pool vacuums look different from the ones we used to see, offering a number of new features for a cleaner, more efficient pool. After trying a couple of different types, I found a flexible suction head from Pool Skimmers is a great investment. The flexible head allows you to work on the pool floor, stairs, and even the walls by gently brushing the debris off.


The Shark Navigator Freestyle lift-away and robot is our favorite, due to its ease of use. It has the largest cleaning path, which cleans the deeper water. Its height is 28 inches, making it easy to vacuum the whole pool. We love that it has brushes on the bottom of the vacuum head, so you can clean the bottom. It also has a detachable vacuum head, so you can clean the bottom of the pool too.

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