Best Rostering Software in Australia: What to Look For?


If you’re responsible for creating or maintaining rosters, whether it’s at your workplace or in your own home, then you know just how difficult it can be to get everything right. Whether you have too many people working on one shift or one person working too many hours, there are always problems that need to be ironed out, and the better the software you use to do this the better your roster will be. In order to choose the best rostering software in Australia, keep reading below!

Australia has a growing ecosystem for startups. With the rising trend of startups and the people they employ, it is wise for companies to get rostering software to register their employees and manage their employees in a better fashion.

The Importance of an Australian Rostering Solution

When it comes to business, time is money. This is especially true in the case of businesses that rely on staff being available at specific times. Good rostering software can save a business time and money by ensuring that employees are scheduled efficiently. In addition, a good rostering solution will allow businesses to manage shift changes and employee requests with ease.

A rostering system should be able to quickly create new schedules for short-term needs or sudden emergencies. It should also have an easy interface for scheduling overtime hours when necessary. A good rostering solution will also provide reports that tell employers which shifts need coverage or how many hours of overtime their employees have worked. These reports can help managers identify staffing needs and ensure their employees get the right amount of sleep before their next shift starts.

The Benefits of the Best Rostering Software Solutions

1. If you manage a team of employees, you know how important it is to have a good rostering system in place. 

2. A good rostering system can save you time and money by ensuring that your employees are scheduled efficiently. 

3. The best rostering software solutions will also allow you to track employee availability and preferences, so you can make the best possible schedule for your team.

4.  These benefits can add up quickly; one study found that the average company spends $3,500 per year on scheduling errors due to lack of automation! 

5. On top of saving time and money, having a good rostering system in place will help increase morale among your employees by making sure they’re satisfied with their shifts. 

On-premise vs. SaaS (software as a service) rostering software

When it comes to choosing the best rostering software for your business, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you want an on-premise solution or a cloud-based (SaaS) solution. On-premise software is installed locally on your own servers, while SaaS solutions are hosted by the software vendor.

A key consideration when deciding between these two options is how much control you will have over future updates and upgrades. With an on-premise system, you can update and upgrade at your convenience – with the best rostering software in Australia, and this becomes the responsibility of the software vendor. However, with an on-premise system, upgrading can be more expensive as there’s often no guarantee that new features will work properly with existing data sets.


At some point in your working life, you’ll probably find yourself in charge of scheduling the tasks or employees at your workplace. This can be an overwhelming experience if you haven’t had much practice, and it can be even worse if you don’t use the right software to help you get it done. A good rostering software program will make your life easier by automating many of the calculations and taking out all of the guesswork, but finding the rostering software can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for.