Best Schools to Pursue Your Dream Career: Beauty and Cosmetology

Many in today’s generation are interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry. Many are interested in pursuing careers as make-up artists, hair stylists, estheticians, and more. Besides the fact that it is a source of income, people actually enjoy what they are doing. To pursue this career, you just need to study and train. If you want to go professional and aim to work for big companies, some might require you to secure a licence in the profession.

Interested in taking this course? Let this article be your guide. We will state which are the best and suggest schools that offer cosmetology courses. 

Studying in America

Most of the big or well-known beauty schools are located in America. They are almost everywhere in each and every state. There are cosmetology schools in Seattle (WA), Dallas (TX), Santa Monica (CA), and many more. 

Evergreen Beauty School (Seattle, WA)

Want to stay in the cozy, beautiful state of Washington? The state where the capital city of America is located. Evergreen Beauty School is just one of the cosmetology schools in Seattle, Washington. With over five campuses within the city, they have campuses in Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Everett, North Seattle-Shoreline, and Renton. Offering programs in cosmetology, hair design, barbering, esthetics, nail technology, and instructor training. It is a fully accredited beauty school and is dedicated to comprehensive learning. 

The Ogle School (Dallas, TX)

One of the best cosmetology schools worldwide, the Ogle school has been offering efficient and high-quality education to beauticians since 1973. Located in Dallas, Texas; the school was named after its founder, Shelton Ogle. They offer part-time and full-time cosmetology and esthetics programs for their students. It is also accredited by the NACCAS ( National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Science), allowing it to not only have an educational facility in Dallas but also all over the state. The majority of professional experience in the Cosmetology program will be gained through on-campus student-run salons. Students who complete the program are eligible to receive job placement and professional assistance from the school.

Sasson Academy ( Santa Monica, CA)

The Sasson Academy, which is also one of the best schools in the world for cosmetology courses, provides a comprehensive beginner’s program in cosmetology that requires no prior experience to apply. A total of 1600 hours of classroom and practical training are covered in this 44-week program. Located in California, they are also available in other states like New York and Boston, plus in Europe too, specifically in the UK and Germany. They also offer short-term and long-term courses but still focus more on barbering and hair design, with career paths that lead you to be an assistant, gardener, creative cutter, color specialist, instructor, creative director, salon director, or color director. 

Studying in Asia

Most of the best schools that offer cosmetology programs in Asia are said to be in South Korea. Not a lot of schools in Asia really focus on programs like these. If they do, it’s probably just a short-term training or program.

MBC Academy Beauty School (South Korea)

MBC Academy, Korea’s No. 1 beauty school, offers a wide range of K-Beauty programs such as Make-up, Nail Art, Hairstyling, Esthetic, and Stylist. Based on different programs, the training period can be varied (from two months up to six months). For those who want to study and travel in Korea for a brief period, MBC also offers a 2-week summer or winter K-Beauty camp. Any businesses, associations, or organizations seeking group education and training in Korea are offered a customized/B2B program.

Yamano College of Aesthetics ( Tokyo, Japan )

Yamano has a long history in the beauty industry. For over 80 years, Yamano sure proved itself to be one of Japan’s leading beauty institutions. They offer courses like international communications, the Japanese beauty industry, skills for society, beauty techniques, traditional beauty, and international research. After graduation, students are able to easily receive top-level instruction and support in achieving internships and full-time employment. Students who receive a Yamano education have the potential to lead Japan’s global beauty industry.

Aesthetics International Academy ( Singapore )

Established in 1978, proudly stands as a pioneer in the beauty industry. This academy does not only focus on and offer programs pertaining to aesthetics, but it also provides courses for health. They offer a wide range of courses, from Body therapy or Anatomy and Physiology to Nail technology or Micro Pigmentation. With these courses, you sure can go and pursue your dream career/s. Well-known experts use the most recent methods in the field to deliver lectures and training. The diplomas offered from Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Singapore keep up with cutting-edge trends in the beauty industry and are widely respected on a global scale.


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