Best Skin Bleaching Cream in the World And their Pros and Cons

From teenage freckles to age spots, a whitening face cream solves problems. We can say that the remedy is useful at any age. We tell you how to choose an effective and not very expensive cream that is right for you and which is best skin bleaching cream in the world.

The production of whitening creams is carried out by many, but East Asia is in the lead. This is understandable: Korean and Japanese women have always strived for a light, velvety skin tone. We take an example from them and buy cosmetics! For you, an overview of the best whitening creams according to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Top 10 rating according to KP

1.Himalaya Herbals Face Cream that evens out skin tone

Despite the stated niacinamide in the composition, in fact it was “lost” among other components. And yet Himalaya Herbals brightening face cream does its job – in the reviews, many talk about the matting effect. This tool is indispensable for oily skin; for dry we would recommend another cream where the emphasis is on hydration.

A bright and significant drawback is the smell itself. Someone compares it with the cologne “Krasnaya Moskva”, someone simply speaks of a heavy perfume fragrance. Considering that it can be applied both day and night, we advise you to choose the second, so as not to be annoyed at work because of the smell. The volume is large, unlike many = 100 ml. This is enough for 3-4 months of use. Although the texture is light: if applied to the neck and décolleté, it may finish earlier.

pros: matting effect; large volume.

Cons : no pronounced whitening; very specific smell.

Himalaya Herbals Face Cream

2. Before and After Face Whitening Cream

This cream is not so much whitening as it is nourishing – due to which the age spots are reduced by 15-20%. Their appearance is due to a lack of vitamin E; if you fill it up, the problem will slowly begin to be solved. It also contains avocado, shea and olive oils. Perfect nourishment for the skin in dry spring-autumn periods! The cream contains SPF 20 – in spite of the cold weather, the sun can fry like summer, without protection you should not appear outside. The manufacturer suggests applying the product twice a day for 100% effect. Avoid the eye area to avoid pinching.

The cream is packed in a tube, 100 ml is enough for a long time, and the inexpensive price allows you to buy it often. Customers praise the product for its fast action and recommend purchasing after pregnancy to hide pigmentation best skin bleaching cream in the world. They only warn about the smell – because of the specific aroma of essential oils, be prepared for this.

Pros : 2in1 effect – skin whitening and nutrition; suitable after pregnancy; volume is enough for a long time; there is a sun protection factor SPF20.

Cons : the smell is not for everybody.

3.Achromin Whitening face cream with UV filters

Many pharmacists recommend Achromin whitening cream even during pregnancy – there is no strong effect on health, although arbutin is present in the composition. To use it or not, everyone decides for herself. However, for many young mothers, the product has helped get rid of characteristic spots on the face, just use it up to 6 months.

The manufacturer recommends the cream for all skin types. It is useful not only for the face, but also for the neck / décolleté area. Application time – daytime, light texture does not leave marks and is quickly absorbed. Includes SPF filters; the figure is not indicated, but it will protect from dim rays (and the appearance of freckles). The product is packaged in a pleasant-looking package of the color of a dusty rose (and the same “pink” smell). Customers share their experiences starting from adolescence – this tool is suitable for all family members!

Pros: suitable for any age; many advise during pregnancy; light texture is quickly absorbed; wide area of ​​application – from face to décolleté.

Cons : the exact degree of protection SPF is not specified; not everyone likes rose perfume

4.Vitex Ideal Whitening Night cream whitening for the face against freckles and age spots

All the attention in Ideal Whitening cream is given to squalane (squalene) – a caring oil best skin bleaching cream in the world. It is non-comedogenic, there is no risk of clogging the pores. At the same time, the component smoothes the skin, fills it with moisture. A whitening citric acid formula is also present; although some doubt this merit. If you are looking for beauty products with a slight lightening effect, the cream will do. For pigmentation and acne treatments, look elsewhere.

The composition contains petroleum jelly and other “heavy” components; so that they do not shine on the face, the manufacturer recommends smearing with a cream at night. Be sure to do this on cleansed skin. The composition contains many chemical compounds (alcohol, dimethicone, parabens) – therefore, we would recommend the product for dry and dehydrated skin; oily can become even more inflamed. Cream in a standard tube; this is enough for 2-3 months of use. Light “milky” smell does not irritate, does not attract attention at night.

 : powerful hydration thanks to squalane; light brightening effect with an emphasis on facial care

Cons : parabens and alcohol in the composition; does not heal pigmentation; may leave marks (apply only at night); not suitable for oily skin.

5.RCS Snow Skin Face Whitening Day Cream

Niacinamide and Arbutin are just what you need for a good whitening cream! RCS Snow Skin works with them to remove even the most severe age spots best skin bleaching cream in the world. Alas, no organic extracts were found in the composition; you cannot count on hydration and nutrition. Use this cream as a healing cream during the day, and at night apply a mask rich in vitamins – and your skin will thank you. Avoid the eye area, otherwise redness and irritation may occur.

For the face, only 2-3 peas are enough. They are easily squeezed out thanks to the dispensing lid. 40 ml seems like a small volume, but don’t forget about its medicinal properties. So that the effect is not lost, it is better to undergo therapy in courses of 1-2 months (the cosmetologist-dermatologist will definitely say). The smell, like all pharmaceutical cosmetics, is specific. But for the sake of goodbye to pigmentation, you should be patient.

Pros : high whitening effect; suitable for daytime use; economical consumption.

Cons : a lot of “chemistry” in the composition; cannot be used constantly; the smell is not for everybody.

6.Cosmetics Citrus face cream

It turns out that in order to fight pigmentation, it is not necessary to spend large sums – the cream from Nevskaya cosmetics convincingly proves its benefits best skin bleaching cream in the world. On his “account” dozens of positive reviews. Why? Firstly, the product contains many fruit and herbal extracts that nourish the skin at any age. Secondly, the whitening formula of citrus acid itself is effective – according to customer reviews, after a month of use, strong stains disappear. Finally, the cream is inexpensive, which is important for many.

Tool in a regular tube (like toothpaste). Sealed cover eliminates leaks. Due to its thick texture, the cream is only suitable for night use. Spread it on 2 hours before bed so that there are no marks on the pillow. The manufacturer recommends it for all skin types, although we would focus on oily (there is alcohol in the composition, and acids have a drying effect). Be sure to consult with a specialist before buying to avoid allergies!

Pros : inexpensive price; many nutritional extracts in the composition; suitable for all skin types.

Cons : cannot be used during the day; be sure to wait for drying; the tube does not last long.

7. Natura Siberica White Whitening Day Face Cream SPF 30

Turmeric has been credited with many properties, from antibacterial to drying. Together with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, it gives a good mattifying effect. Due to the presence of Siberian berry extracts, it is best to store in the refrigerator (like all organic cosmetics). Does not contain parabens, so there will be no sticky feeling on application. Be sure to use it during the day – it contains UV protection, and the SPF30 factor is suitable for very white-skinned girls.

The cream is in a bottle with a dispenser, so you will have to get used to squeezing; not always the volume that is needed. The rest of the customers are praised for the brightening properties, highly recommended for the summer. Do not be afraid of the texture: it seems dense, but after application it absorbs quickly. Fans of natural cosmetics will love the aroma of berries!

pros: high SPF protection factor 30; good matting effect; smells delicious with berries, contains many natural extracts; no parabens.

Cons : Not everyone is comfortable using the dispenser.

8. Secret Key Snow White Cream Face brightening cream

Another Korean product with lightening properties is Secret Key Snow White Cream. The presence of niacinamide plays a role: the remedy copes well with freckles, age spots, post-acne. The glycerin contained in the composition retains moisture in the skin, a real gift for the dry type. Although it is better to be careful with application: the composition contains allantoin and alcohol. Irritation may occur if applied to thin skin (eyelids) or open wounds (bitten lips).

Customers claim a dense texture and long absorption – it is better to leave the product overnight. Be sure to massage your skin to speed up the action; remove the remains with a sponge. Suitable in any case – from teenage hormonal to age with wrinkles. There is no paddle for application, you have to use your fingers. Does not protect from the sun.

pros: high brightening properties; suitable for all ages.

Cons : highly “chemical” composition; not recommended for daytime use; dense texture may not suit oily skin; no paddle included; no SPF filters.

9. Mizon Allday shield fit white Tone up cream Whitening moisturizing face cream

Want to buy a whitening face cream to use right at work? Choosing Mizon’s Tone up cream couldn’t be easier for best skin bleaching cream in the world. Its brightening formula with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid is packaged in a compact tube – even fits in a clutch. In addition to the declared substances, there are extracts of tea tree, lavender, Asiatic centella and other plants that Korean women love so much. A whole set of herbs in one little cream! Such cosmetics whiten and nourish, suitable for any age (although niacinamide is more for anti-age care, it smoothes wrinkles).

The thin spout allows you to squeeze out 1-2 drops – no longer needed for age spots. Light texture absorbs quickly, although rub in for best effect. Buyers claim drying properties – do not use with dry type, so as not to earn new problems. The manufacturer does not speak about SPF filters; presumably, you have to buy something in addition.

Pros : Recommended for anti-age care; good whitening effect; delicious herbal smell; the compact tube can be carried with you.

Cons : very small volume; not suitable for dry skin (reviews); no UV protection.

10. Bergamo Moselle Whitening EX Whitening Cream Face Whitening Cream

What whitening cosmetics without the Korean line? Bergamo cream comes from Asia, although it is named after an Italian town. It contains everything that oriental girls love so much – hyaluronic acid, niacinamide – juicy intertwined with care components: sunflower oil, olive oil, shea tree. Such a product not only brightens, but also nourishes the skin, which is confirmed by customer reviews. According to them, age spots are less visible, new ones do not appear. Suitable for night and day use in the same way, because well absorbed.

Cream in a stylish silver jar. There is no paddle – a minus for such expensive cosmetics. Nothing is said about SPF filters either; will have to be paired with another product, which is not very convenient. Of course, the smell is very pleasant: subtle, not irritating. Avoid contact with eyelids and lips; allantoin, which is part of the composition, can cause a burning sensation. Recommended for all skin types.

Pros : excellent whitening effect; a lot of nutritional extracts in the composition; can be applied at any time of the day; delicate aroma.

Cons : high price; no paddle included; lack of SPF filters.

How to choose a whitening face cream

First, study the composition. The same niacinamide is not suitable for adolescents, but in adulthood you cannot do without it. Acids are not safe for dry skin; Citrus oils, however, are good for everyone who suffers from rapidly developing and increasing pigmentation. The component is natural, therefore it is allowed even during pregnancy!

Secondly, choose the most convenient application time. Whitening creams are divided into day and night; the latter contain more nutrients, but often feel like a mask. To keep the skin breathable while walking, working and doing household chores, choose lighter textures. Korean women recommend the Mists; but they are not cheap, because of the original components they are not suitable for everyone.

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