Best Tips for Creating a Welcoming Entryway

An entryway is the first thing people see when they walk into your home. That is why it’s your goal to make it look warm and welcoming. There are several ways you can bring comfort into an indoor space and these ideas will help you achieve that.

Layer the lighting

The right lighting can do so much for the interior design and an overall atmosphere in the room. You can use this for your advantage and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere by layering the lights. For instance, if you want a cosy vibe then you can use several smaller sources of lighting and arrange them around the room to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. On the other hand, if you want the space to feel inviting in a way that makes the space feel and look large and open, then you can let in more of the natural lighting and use large windows all over the room.

Deliver a unique story

Your entryway can be as creative as you want it to be. There are many ways you can express your personality through the entryway design. When people walk into this space they will instantly think of you because of how much of your personality the entryway is expressing. Depending on what you like, you can make a big statement or use small details and decoration pieces to make the entryway uniquely yours. People will instantly feel warm, cosy and welcomed into your space when they see such a unique and personalised design.

Foreshadow your home’s style

Your entryway’s design can also be a nice way to lead people into the rest of your home and introduce the overall theme and design of it right at the front door. You can think of the home design as the continuation of the entryway. So, what you can do is design an entryway in a similar or the same theme as the rest of your home. Firstly, it will make your home look very coherent and put together. Secondly, your entryway will quite literally foreshadow the rest of your home’s design and make it look very neat and aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, it simply serves as a small insight into what your overall style is.

Add a rug

Another great way you can personalise your entryway and make it look warm and welcoming is to get a door mat. Not only is having a door mat very practical since it keeps all the dirt outside of your home, but it also adds a nice detail and makes your entrance door look inviting to your guests. If you want to go a step further, you can look into personalised custom floor mats that will nicely complement the overall style of your entry way. This will make the space look even more personalised and unique. Also, you can get a door mat both for the outside and the inside.

Go bold with colours

There are many ways you can use colours to create a certain statement in the indoor space. Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement and use as many colours as you want. Depending on what you prefer you can go with as many details and different colours as you want or you can use neutral colours and then make a statement with one bold colour that can be a great eye-catching detail in your entryway design. For example, you can create a bold statement by creating a focal point that will instantly draw attention of anyone who walks through your entrance door. This can be an art piece on the wall, a unique-looking chair, or whatever you choose that will stand out and make the room feel very unique and funky.

Get creative with wallpapers

This is another great idea that can make your entryway feel very homey and inviting. Wallpapers can give any home a very vintage looking aesthetic (depending on what design you choose of course). If you want to create a very warm and welcoming atmosphere, then a vintage looking wallpaper can really help you bring out the cosy vibes and make everyone feel at home when they enter your house.

Bring in some plants

There is something about house plants that makes them light up the room in the best way possible. Every room that has plants in it instantly feels more welcoming, cute, and bright. Who wouldn’t want to be in such a place? So, the next time you go shopping make sure to get some lively plants and colourful flowers to decorate your entryway. They can add so much personality to the room and not to mention that taking care of the plants and watering them can be very therapeutic and soothing.

Add a local flavour

Speaking of which, there is another inspiring way to bring the outdoors in and make your entryway look very unique and welcoming. Just as much as it is aesthetically pleasing to make the entryway match the rest of the house it is also incredibly creative and beautiful when people bring some of the local uniqueness in and make the entryway match the home’s surroundings. For instance, you can use wooden elements around the entryway made from the very same wood that can be found outside your home. You can bring in the flora from around the home and use it to decorate your entryway. On top of that you can match the colours and introduce the scents of nature into your home to create a perfect harmony between your home’s indoor space and outdoor space full of nature’s beauty.


Overall, there are many creative ways to decorate the home’s entryway to make it look and feel pleasant and welcoming to all of those who come to visit. A lot of the times, it’s about creating a unique and personalised space that offers comfort both to you and your visitors. Some of these ideas may help you find your uniqueness and create the perfect entryway to your home.