Best Universities in Canada for International Students

Canada has been on top of the list for five years for the quality of life it offers. When it comes to general aspects, Canada is ranked 5th best globally. However, there is something more to the story that you should not miss out on, and that is the well-established education system of Canada. The top-notch institutes and quality research fronts have moved the country up the ladder, and more international students are now coming here. We have compiled a list of top-ranked universities in Canada for international students. If you are interested in studying in Canada, this post is for you!

Best Canadian Universities for International Students:

The Canadian Ministry of Education is taking solid steps to ensure a streamlined study process for international students. They have established a welcoming platform for students of all nationalities. Moreover, the institutes have expanded their programs’ portfolios to accommodate foreign graduates. Of all and top universities in Canada, the following are the best for international students.

1. University of Toronto:

If you are an international student and looking to kickstart your education journey in Canada, the University of Toronto should be your first choice. The university stands among the highly ranked institutes with over 980 programs. UOT is famous for various scientific breakthroughs. Some of these are:

  • Insulin and stem cell research
  • The first electron microscope
  • The first successful lung transplant

With over 19 faculties and divisions, the institute is spread out in three branches at different localities. Almost half of the student body is composed of international students, making it a better choice for you. The percentage is likely to increase, owing to their commitment to diversity. Do you want to be a part of this university? Start your admission process today by consulting education consultants in Islamabad.

2. University of British Columbia:

Canada is home to some of the oldest educational institutes, and the University of Columbia is one of them. It was established back in 1908 and is still standing tall to deliver on different fronts. Do you know that Canada’s largest library is located on its Vancouver campus? The campus is also home to the national particle and nuclear physics lab and the world’s largest cyclotron.

The UOBC is well-known for its research endeavors all across Canada. Moreover, the university is in collab with over 200 foreign institutions for exchange programs. When it comes to democratic practices research and indigenous education, this university is the best option.

3. McGill University:

McGill University is named after the successful Quebecer merchant James McGill. The establishment of this institute traces back to 1813 where the nation’s first faculty of medicines was found. Since then, the university has grown exponentially and resides over 11 faculties containing Arts, Engineering, and Management departments.

McGill University is currently home to over 32% of international students enrolled in different programs. It has the reputation of producing some award-winning individuals over time. The award-winning actor William Shatner, Search engine inventor Alan Emptage and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are notable alumni. The significant contributions of this institute to the scientific community will never be forgotten.

4. University of Alberta:

The University of Alberta is another institute accommodating students of various nationalities. Its commitment to diversity has made it a top destination for international students. Currently, over 18 faculties are offering numerous disciplines at different levels. The institute is well-known for subjects like:

  • Paleontology
  • Forestry
  • Transplantation
  • Sports-related programs

Furthermore, the University of Alberta is famous for its cultural studies. The native studies offered here deal with Aboriginal experiences, culture, and language. It is home to over 40,000 students, among which 7000 are international students. Do you want to start your journey at this institute? Get in touch with education consultants in Islamabad today!

5. University of Ottawa:

The University of Ottawa is the biggest bilingual exploration college in Canada. The university offers more than 450 disciplines across ten faculties, including medication, designing, sociology, and the biggest graduate school in Canada in English and French. The Ottawa Health Institute and the college’s Heart Institute give incredible work, bringing about a high-positioning clinical doctoral program.

The employment ratio of graduates is higher than other Canadian institutes. Graduates have the best chances to master pragmatic industry abilities with college programs at this top university in Canada. Its co-employable instruction program acquaints students with paid work situations pertinent to their branch of knowledge.

The universities, as mentioned above, have well-established platforms for international students. If you want to enroll in them, the streamlined process will always help you.

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