Best way to Pre Order Huawei p50 Pro


Are you looking for a Huawei smartphone in the market? The Huawei P50 Pro is the high-end smartphone in the market, which has been one of the best sellers for Huawei. This article will tell you about everything you need to know about the smartphone and why should you buy this smartphone instead of any other? The camera of this smartphone has the best DXOMARK mark as well. Keep reading this article, and you will understand more about the phone and also about the company as well. Yes, the company is a Chinese manufacturer, but they are one of the top brands when it comes to smartphones.

About Huawei P50

Now that we have the introduction out of the way let’s talk about the phone. First, let’s talk about the camera because that’s the key point of this phone. The camera setup combines a large sensor with 13mm ultra-wide and a 90mm tail on top of that monochrome sensor as well. It also has a concept that uses a monochrome sensor with the primary sensor. The sensor improves fine details and reduces the noise good for low light.

This phone can also record 4k video at 60fps, which is rare at this price point. If you don’t know what is DXOMARK well that the scoring and analysis company will test the phone and evaluate over 3000 test images and more than 2.5 hours of video both in controlled lab environments also in natural indoor and outdoor. This phone is in the top 5 of their list in terms of camera.

Now taking a look at the how powerful phone is well it has a minimum of 8GB of ram and 128GB of internal storage. The phone also comes with 66W charging, and the phone has 4,100 mAh of battery. This phone takes only 30-40 minutes to get empty to full. Huawei p50 pro-pre-order it from the site they also ship internationally. This phone is a true powerhouse 2021 flagship from the company. It also comes with a 4g-locked snapdragon 888 and another Kirin 9000. There is also a pro special edition with has 12 GB of ram and 512 GB of storage. This is the highest-end model for the general consumer.

Talking about display it has a 6.5inch OLED which has 2,700×1, 224 resolution with has 120Hz refresh rate and 300 Hz touch sampling. This phone comes with Harmony OS which is based on android 10, and it is one of the fastest OS. Should you buy it smartphone? If you are looking for a high-end smartphone and one of the best camera phones this is the best phone you can buy today in the market. This hardware is very hard to get in any smartphone in the market. Yes, this company is banned in many countries about if you are in China then this is the best phone you can buy. Also, the company has promised software updates for up to 5 years. You have to load the same app as you were using from Google.


Huawei P50 Pro is one of the power smart-phone you can buy today, and this camera quality is one of the best in the market. Since the banned company has taken its time to push this phone outside of its home county. You can pre-order and we expect the smart-phone should arrive in the upcoming month.