Best Wedding Shots in History

Wedding photography has existed since time immemorial and anytime we are planning a wedding, a lot of emphasis is placed on recording the event. One of the best methods of doing this is through photography. Your dress, flowers, décor, and also the cake may look awesome on the big day, but it takes skillful shooting, thoughtful composition, and expert lighting to get the best shots that will record your memories where you can look back and remember your wedding day many years that are to come.

The photographers that you will employ for that day will be tasked with capturing the moments as well as the details of your life’s most sentimental events. More often, you will be taking your professional photographers through the best wedding shots in history and will explain to them what you would love to achieve.

The best wedding photos in history have been shot by the following professional photographers.


Jose Villa took a wedding photo that offered the best organic, timeless and organic look.  This photographer’s work is unique because to him, it’s not about the photos, but how he makes his clients feel. For all his past projects, he has worked hard to ensure that his output is both flawless and consistent. This professional photographer covered weddings such as those of Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin, Tamera Mowry & Adam Housley, Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra, and Instagram founder Kevin Systrom & Nicole Schuetz.


This wedding photography expert has taken photos that have earned a place among the best wedding photos of all time. His photographs are stylish and sensual and can also be classified as bold and outstanding. His approach is loosely styled and brings the subject into the best light or a setting. He ensures that authenticity and comfort are part of the process when taking photos of couples. He was the photographer in the weddings of popular personalities such as Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas, Emily Maynard & Tyler Johnson, Allen Leech & Jessica Herman, and Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French among others.


Her photos provide a balance of raw and real emotion. She channels her years of wedding photography and fashion to tell the story of couples through world-class photography. This amazing photographer covered the weddings of notable personalities who include Kate Upton & Justin Verlander and Lea Michele & Zandy Reich.

A brief history about prenuptial agreements in marriage

Other than p wedding photography, the history of pre-nups is another area where people would want to know how it came into existence. The first prenuptial agreement was negotiated between the parents of the bride and the groom’s family and is believed to have originated from ancient Egypt. These agreements are believed to have helped give women some financial rights in marriage.

Over the years, these agreements continued to evolve and covered different things depending on the culture that the concerned persons emanated from. In most instances, women who have prenuptial agreements feel safe because this agreement provides a detailed explanation about how property that you had acquired before entering into the marriage is treated.