Best WordPress Business Directory Theme

In this article we are going to introduce the best WordPress business directory theme and let you know how you can have this amazing WordPresss theme. We will talk about Listdomer WordPress theme and then explain about Listdom Plugins.

Listdomer WordPress Business Directory Theme

Listdomer is a great WordPress business directory theme which you can download freely from WordPress theme repository. Listdomer is using Listdom business directory plugin as its engine in order to handle listings.

Listdomer has been integrated with Listdom front-end add/manage listing dashboard, skins like half map,grid, list, list+grid, masonry, table, slider, cover, and carousel views, listing single page, independence shortcodes. Also it supports WordPress default views like blog list, blog single, pages and….

Working with amazing WordPress theme is so easy, you just need to search Listdomer in WordPress themes and then install and activate it. It will show you the necessary plugins that you need in order to set up a directory website and after you confirm you can install them. Then you can import the demo data of Listomer and that is all you need. Then you can change the contents, add new pages, posts and… .

Listdom WordPress Directory Plugin

As we already explained, Listdomer theme is using Listdom as its main directory engine. With these amazing WordPress business directory plugins you can have all features that you need in order to set up a professional directory website. We will talk about Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro, and Listdom add-ons in this section.

Listdom Lite

Listdom lite is a free WordPress directory plugin that you can download from the WordPress repository. It gives you the ability to add/manage categorize options, directory listings, show listings in more than 90 different skins and styles, dynamic search forms, notifications and change settings.

In order to have Listdom Lite, you just need to go to WordPress plugins and search for Listdom and then install and activate it.

Listdom Pro

Listdom Pro is the paid version of the Listdom WordPress directory plugin and you can find it in the Totalery shop or CodeCanyon. In addition to the features that Listdom Lite provides you, Listdom Pro provides so many other amazing and advanced features like front-end add/manage listings, attributes or custom fields, OpenStreetMap, listing video embed codes, interactive Google Maps search, radius search, and …

Listdom Add-ons

Listdom has more than 30 different addons which each addon can make a big difference for your online business. For example, Listdom Android/IOS mobile apps, Listdom CSV importer addon, Listdom Subscriptions(Paid Listings) addon, and… .


Listdomer is the best WordPress business directory theme which is already integrated with Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro, and Listdom Add-ons views. Also it supports WordPress default views and skins and you can have whatever you need there as well.

If you have any questions regarding these wonderful solutions you can contact Totalery high technical support and they will back to you with the best answers in the fastest possible time.