All About Black Brick House and Some Benefits and Drawbacks

Some bricks are eye-catching while some others are an eyesore. However, a brick fireplace or a wall may reduce the beauty and style of your home environment. Although brick painting in your home has been assumed as an easy task DIY (Do it yourself) fix but it has some downsides. You should be careful while using your roller and painter’s tape because there are some important things to keep in mind while handling this home project.

What are Black Bricks?

Black bricks are not common. They are rare and make your home different from all others. Mostly these are used for bordering other colors and to enhance beauty. Mostly Black Bricks give your home a traditional look as well as a modern appearance. Moreover, these have a vast range of colors concerning their different shades.

All About My Black Brick House

To meet the changing needs of a young family my black house has been designed through the creation of lavish places with a high grade of flexibility. The existing house which is converted into a modernized one was a 1930s brick styles house with a combination of 1970s addition.

I need additional space for my young children to search so I decided to make the following in my house

  • A common room
  • Some bedrooms
  • A large dining room
  • A kitchen
  • A beautiful terrace.
  • A garage for parking my vehicles
  • A big roof and many more

The main clause in this Black Brick House design was that the living room. Or the dining room was not prominent and were backed. The valuable garden area was also engaged by laundry.

So, the architect’s idea was to exchange the laundry and living areas and to make a collective ceiling at the point of old and new to expose the extensive yard outside.

Reading Room

The rumpus room was imagined as a place of common interests. When connected with the new living area with the help of a large slider it became a great reading room for me. That is one of my most favorite places in the entire house.

This room is now used for many purposes and programming features because it has a direct linkage to the garden, deck, and living room. That makes it a common space of the Black Brick House that is open to all activities and everyday happenings.

Hip Roof

Furthermore, a common feature of the surrounding home context is a hipped roof. In addition to that, the exterior roof form of my house is somewhat hidden from the front view. So one cannot wonder its beauty and the peace and calmness of it. It may not get admired until someone visits it and views it internally from different angular forms. Lastly, the roof has some soaring raked ceilings for protection and coverage. For Commercial Roofing Services information Visit out page.

Vistas of Black Brick House

Lastly, to have a constant watch and eye on my children from inside that what are they playing or doing in the outside yard or garage, I required vistas all across the yard. Therefore, I opt for an unreliably cost-effective and simple approach to express the boundary of my house beautifully by specifying black paint to all my fences and barriers to make them look strong. That black color makes the horizon line visible to all from several miles away. It can also be seen from various internal vintage points, which may further extend the effect floor area right up to the gate of the house.

Pros of Painting a Black Brick House

It can be a comparatively easy fix for an ordinary home to paint a brick exterior and it can have a major effect on your home.

You can pick any color of bricks like old orange or yellow brick that can be enhanced with any dark and moody color, or you can go with classic white shades of bricks for a clean and cooler look. Or, you can also choose a black color to make your home look different from all others in your vicinity.

Brick Painting is a method to make your home affordable and transform it into something you dream of.

Furthermore, it is very affordable if you do these transformations by yourself.

Although it is a time taking process and needs some research to do it properly. Yet it is a great DIY project for those who have a low budget.

Cons / Disadvantages of Black Brick House

The painted bricks of a Black Brick House may make your house beautiful no doubt but you should have to be sure about your demand and desire because going back. Because sometimes it becomes impossible and very expensive to do all the work on your own.

Moreover, the painted bricks usually need more care and maintenance than normal.

Furthermore, if the painted bricks are of light colors, then dirt and mildew are often visible on them easily. Therefore, such walls need proper care and it becomes essential for you to wash or scrub your bricks most often.

Using low-quality or wrong type of paint, or not noticing cracks in the paint can damage your bricks. A major disadvantage of that may be that the moisture can get trapped in the impaired bricks resulting in their molding and breaking.

Experts advise that to maintain the quality of bricks they should be painted after every 3-5 years. Although that is a time taking and money-spending procedure, it is essential for proper maintenance of your home.