Black Prom Dress

Many young girls are pondering whether it would be appropriate to wear a little black prom dress, and how to make such an outfit look festive and not dramatic. We hasten to reassure the graduates: the nature of the event is not important for the invention of Coco Chanel. Wherever the lady puts on this dress, you get an elegant and impeccable look. In a specific case, it is important to focus on the charm of youth, so choose a modern style and think over every aspect of the image – accessories, makeup, hairstyle, manicure – in accordance with age. This article will help novice fashionistas decide on a black prom dress model and additions to it.

The advantages of this choice

Stereotypical thinking is often the reason people make mistakes. When it comes to prom, 11-graders themselves or under the influence of their mother’s advice, as a rule, discard the options for dark and snow-white dresses, since the former have long been associated with mourning, and the latter are subconsciously ranked among wedding decorations. Such conclusions testify to the conservatism and ignorance in fashion trends of those who reason in this way.

In the current era, designers are not limited to creating only neutral and bright models for the school ball. For more than one year in a row, collections of prom dresses have been presented with a multifaceted palette of colors. At the same time, at least 5 arguments can be safely named in favor of a dress in black:

  • no matter how rapidly fashion changes, a little black prom dress is not subject to the passage of time, since it is a classic;
  • such a model is easily and stylishly complemented by versatile accessories and shoes, so that there will be no problems with creating a charming outfit;
  • a girl in such an outfit lets others know that she has a refined taste and an excellent sense of style;
  • in a small black prom dress, you can go not only to prom, but also to other events, and this justifies the purchase and guarantees that this attribute will not hang around in the closet for a long time in the future.

Remember, no matter how many advantages this or that outfit has, you will get a positive result only if from the huge assortment you choose the one that fits your figure favorably and, with the help of design, emphasizes the attractiveness of the external appearance.

Start with length

The legendary specimen presented by Coco Chanel in 1926 was just below the knee length. And now it is customary to call mini versions, up to the middle of the lower leg and up to the knee, as a small black prom dress. But at the same time, no one forbids putting on a long dress for prom . It is such a celebration when the length of the maxi is more than appropriate. True, it is worth remembering one nuance: such a model is luxurious in itself, so give preference to a laconic model. Choose a floor- length dress for prom with one accent: an expressive slit, an open back or an attractive neckline, but by no means all at once.

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Midi patterns look discreet and elegant. Open shoulders, a cutout on the back or chest are in harmony with this length. Short prom dresses are no less suitable than midi and maxi. They look bold and youthful. Mini can be effectively supported by a high hairdo and bright makeup, for example, smoky eyes. When you have decided what kind of outfit you would like in length, you can confidently move on to choosing a style.

Start with length

The decisive touch: the cut of the evening black prom dress

In 2020, adorable black prom dresses await young girls to wear for 11th grade graduation. The leading places of the model range are taken by the samples presented below:

  1. Lush dresses . They look unbeatable, especially when the top is strapless. The neckline is found both straight and in the form of a heart. It is desirable to complement such models with a necklace.
  2. “Mermaid”. The bottom of these products expands from the hip or knee, and the top is made in different ways: bustier, one shoulder, with a V-neck or semicircular neckline with long sleeves, or 3/4.
  3. With an asymmetrical top. Black easily withstands complex structures and asymmetries. Models with one sleeve or one strap, fancy necklines, open and closed shoulders look stylish and creative.
  4. With asymmetrical hem. A beautiful and comfortable solution is a dress that is elongated at the back and short along the shelf. Such a hem makes the product elegant and at the same time does not restrict movement during dancing.
  5. “Case” style. A find for those young ladies who want to look elegant, but without excessive pretentiousness. If you wish, you can make the image more colorful with accessories.
  6. Short A-line dresses. They look playful that a graduate at such a young age only plays into the hands. 
  7. Short pieces of straight cut will emphasize the tenderness and fragility of a young lady. For the case under discussion, choose such models from lightweight materials.
  8. We recommend that you look at the “Amazon” online store, which presents all the popular styles of prom dresses. We understand that such an event entails large expenses, therefore, in order to save money, we offer our customers goods whose cost is several times lower than the market value.

Small nuances: fabrics, decor and accessories

Regardless of the price, a black prom dress can look expensive and luxurious. To do this, you need to buy an outfit that is made of presentable fabric. Dresses made of tulle , silk, satin, guipure, velvet, chiffon are distinguished by an exquisite look . Finishing with feathers, sequins, rhinestones, ruffles, flounces and lace inserts looks harmonious on these fabrics.

When girls think about what to wear at the prom, they mean not only clothes, but also shoes and jewelry for them. Choose earrings, bracelet and necklace according to the decor of the dress. If the model is replete with shiny elements, then purchase jewelry in a minimalist style. Pearl beads and earrings with a small pebble are organically combined with a black prom dress.

The main requirement for shoes is the presence of a heel, but such that the movements are comfortable. It is better to choose contrasting sandals or pumps for black color. A fresh and sophisticated set will come out with silver or gold shoes. As for the clutch or handbag, the same conditions apply to the coloring – contrast. If you still want this detail to be black, then stop at a shade that is 1-2 tones lighter than the dress, but at the same time give up black shoes.

Dazzling dresses of TM “Amazon” made of premium fabrics do not require expensive accessories, because the original design of each model draws attention to itself. Make purchases on the site with your friends and pay for them at the wholesale price, as well as receive discounts. It doesn’t matter where you are, delivery is possible outside of USA.

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