Breaking News : Operation Detains 800 Afghan Nationals A Closer Look at the Recent Developments

In a recent operation, the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) and intelligence agencies collaboratively detained approximately 800 Afghan nationals in Islamabad and its surrounding areas. The operation addressed pressing national security concerns and covered various localities, including Bihara Kahu, Tarnool, Mehrabadian, Golra, and Shams Colony. Nearly half of the detainees were released upon confirming their residence status, while authorities continue to hold 375 Afghan nationals. Additionally, 25 individuals are awaiting document verification. This article delves into the operation’s intricacies, its implications, and the broader context surrounding it.

The Operation and Detentions

The Counter Terrorism Department and intelligence agencies executed this operation meticulously, targeting areas where they suspected Afghan nationals resided without proper documentation. International news says that their primary objective was identifying and mitigating potential security threats within these communities.

The operation yielded significant results, with authorities releasing approximately 400 individuals after confirming their residence status. Presently, 25 individuals await document verification, while authorities intend to release those unable to provide proof of residence at the border for repatriation to Afghanistan.

Intelligence-Based Lists and Future Plans

Express News reported that intelligence agencies and the CTD compiled lists based on classified information. These lists contained the names of Afghan nationals suspected of involvement in criminal activities. In the days ahead, law enforcement authorities plan to intensify their efforts by concentrating on individuals identified in these lists.

Government’s Decision on Afghan Refugees

It is vital to underscore that this operation occurs against the backdrop of a momentous policy decision by the Pakistani government. Breaking News: Islamabad has resolved to repatriate up to 1.1 million Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan without legal status. This decision underscores mounting concerns surrounding illegal Afghan refugees, especially considering that approximately 400,000 entered Pakistan after the Afghan Taliban’s return to Afghanistan in August 2021.

The Broader Context

Furthermore,the crackdown on illegal Afghan refugees unfolds amid tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan concerning the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Some observers posit that Pakistan’s intensified efforts to address this issue.


The recent operation that led to the detention of 800 Afghan nationals signifies a pivotal development in Pakistan’s ongoing efforts to address national security concerns. It is a testament to the government’s unwavering commitment to tackling the complex issue of illegal Afghan refugees and mitigating potential security risks. As this operation unfolds and more information surfaces.