British Citizenship through Naturalisation: Absences from the UK

Section 6(1) and 6(2) of the British Nationality Act 1981, permits an individual to naturalize for British citizenship. 

There are, however, some changes the UK government has announced pertaining to the absence of requirements for British citizenship.

Absences requirement for British citizens

While making a British citizenship application, you need to ensure that you fulfill the following requirements

  1. 90 days in 1 year finishing with the date of your British citizenship application.
  2. 450 days in the 5 years period before presenting your British citizenship application

Unless you are married to a British citizen(with settled status), you must furnish the following evidence to the Home Office that you were not absent from the UK:

  1. More than 270 days in the 3 years before making your British citizenship application; 
  2. More than 90 days in the 12 months before the date of your British citizenship application.

Discretion for excess absences for 3 and 5 years

The British Nationality Act 1981 takes into consideration carefulness to be made in regard to the Government for required absences between 480-900 days for applications under 6(1) British Nationality Act 1981, or 300-540 days for applications under segment 6(2) British Nationality Act 1981. 

An application for British citizenship will commonly not be effective except if you can show that: 

  • you have work in the UK
  • you have set up your home in the UK 
  • your funds are set up in the UK.
  • you have set up your family in the UK 

Moreover, one of the accompanyings should apply: 

You should have 2 years (for applications under segment 6(1) British Nationality Act 1981) or 1 year (for applications under segment 6(2) British Nationality Act 1981) without considerable absences quickly before the time frame.

  • Excess absences could also be a result of postings in abroad 
  • Excess absences more likely than not been an unavoidable outcome of the scope of your work
  • there should be outstandingly convincing reasons to legitimize naturalisation being conceded around then or 
  • Excess absence was on the grounds that you couldn’t get back to the UK due to a worldwide pandemic.

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Exercising discretion before 12 months of my application

The exercise of discretion in an application to naturalise as a British resident will rely upon the number of absences during the last year. Discretion by the Home Office practiced for absences of 100 days or less. 

For any absence between 100-180 days, attentiveness might be practiced by the caseworker, thinking about your family, work and regardless of whether you have set up your home in the UK.

If absences are more than 180 days in the last year, given the residence across the entire passing time frame is met, discretion might be practiced if the caseworker approves and you have exhibited that you have made the UK your home. Circumspection may be practiced in excellent conditions where you don’t meet the residence across the entire passing time frame.

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