Burnhard Earl gas grill with a backburner

We were able to test the Burnhard Earl gas grill ourselves and convince ourselves of its many advantages. The gas grill arrived excellently packaged with us. However, the assembly is a bit difficult, as the assembly instructions are only illustrated and it is, therefore, difficult to see how exactly the individual parts are to be assembled at some points. Ultimately, vicks rapid read thermometer reviews the construction succeeds without major difficulties and the barbecue pleasure can start.

With rear burner the Burnhard Earl gas grill is equipped with an integrated rear burner. This offers an output of 3.5 kilowatts and is ideal for grilling with a rotisserie skewer. Gyros, fried chicken, and roast rolls become crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Due to the rich and luxurious equipment, it is actually a pleasure to speak of. The quality and processing of the grill trolley are very good. The fact that no batteries for piezo ignition are included in the scope of delivery is annoying, but to be overcome. Our grill results can be seen and tasted. Let’s get to the technical details of the very powerful gas grill.

The four main burners, each with 3.75 kilowatts, have a total output of 15 kilowatts. There are also two fold-out side shelves. The left shelf hides an additional ceramic infrared burner with an output of 4 kilowatts. The extreme heat ensures a crispy crust for steaks and a chic grill pattern on the meat in a short time. Like the main burners, the side burner can be infinitely regulated. With the right side table, grilled vegetables can be perfectly prepared, because a cutting board made of acacia wood is embedded in it. A smokebox, four accessory hooks, a cover, a 6-liter GN food container, and a hose with an associated pressure reducer complete the extensive accessory package.

Space for barbecue accessories is plentiful. Because the Burnhard Earl gas grill offers three generous, roller-guided drawers right next to the storage space for the gas bottle. Whether 5, 8, or 11-kilogram bottles: Every size finds the right place here.prepare thermometer the barbecue cart is made for big BBQ parties with neighbors and friends. With its dimensions of 152.5 x 62 x 120 centimeters, it is not exactly small and with a weight of 89.1 kilograms, it is quite heavy. Thanks to the solid rubber tires, however, they can be easily transported from one place to another. The grill area of 79 x 43 centimeters is large enough for a lot of meat, sausage, and vegetables.

As far as the materials used are concerned, Burnhard has not skimped on anything, which is why the Earl gas grill can be classified in the top league. The cover is coated with UV-resistant material, combustion chamber and the lid sides are die-cast aluminum. The high-quality flame retardant plates are made of stainless steel and the rotary knobs, which are also cast from stainless steel, give the grill an overall very high-quality touch. The manufacturer also offers other accessories separately, such as a high-quality rotisserie skewer with a quiet electric motor or a solid insert made of cast iron.

What are the advantages of a gas grill? Gas grills offer many advantages: they provide a high temperature for grilling within a short time and offer constant heat development. This means that the cooking time is shorter. They hardly develop smoke and can be used in many ways. More information about the advantages of the gas grill can be found in the guide.


  • With rear burner
  • Lots of accessories included
  • Three drawers with plenty of space for barbecue accessories
  • Infrared Side Burner


  • No viewing window
  • No battery for ignition included
  • Misleading instructions


  • Can the gas cylinder remain in the car while using the Burnhard Earl gas grill?
  • Yes, that’s what the grill trolley is designed for.
  • Does the gas grill have a thermometer?
  • Yes, it has a lid thermometer.
  • Is there a warming grate?
  • Yes, the Burnhard Earl gas grill with backburner has a warming grate.
  • Is the grill equipped with a bottle opener?
  • Yes, a bottle opener is attached.