Bursting Myths Around Aftermarket Parts | BMW Parts Online

As the car manufacturing industry grows, users are turning their interest to more than what the original manufacturers offer. They want additional accessories that give them high speed and an advanced outlook. As aftermarket parts are becoming a bold statement by offering a variety of unconventional products, more and more supercar owners are adapting to their use by buying BMW parts online. The market is filled with diverted opinions and strong myths that people believe without looking into them. Here are a few myths with the reality check. 

Myths Around Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket car parts void my warranty

The first and foremost concern while buying a part is its compatibility and warranty. It is a common misconception about aftermarket parts that they discredit your car warranty, which is untrue. Manufacturers can not implore you to buy parts from them without mentioning if it would affect your vehicle’s warranty. They will have to deal with the replacement later and refrain from any trickery. The afterparts may cause a small irregularity to your g20 3 series supercar, which could be a reason for the surveyor’s concern. However, such situations can be eluded if you buy parts from a reputable source and entrust the repair to an experienced technician. Many reputable companies that have been giving consistent results in the market offer warranty periods similar to the OEM parts.

Repair shops will refuse to install aftermarket parts for you

Repair facilities will have no issue installing the afterparts that you have bought for your vehicle. The most they can do is decline the warranty of the parts of the specific company that does not come along with it. These things vary from company to company and from product to product which has no major association with the workshops. To save you the hassle, simply request the dealer to procure the afterparts for you until they are installed. The technicians can give you a clearer picture of whether the part you bought has car affinity and if there could be a better option to consider. However, installing aftermarket parts or OEM parts creates little difference for the installers with the same steps to follow in normal cars and while fitting BMW g20 accessories

Aftermarket parts can reduce the value of the car

These products have no direct effect on the value of the car so long as you get it from a reliable source. Reputed dealers bring assurance that the product is in ideal working condition and would be easily replaced in case of any defect. Moreover, refurbished parts are typically restored and rebuilt and have to pass multiple quality and endurance tests as OEM parts do. This offers more options for customers to compare and choose the best out of them. As long as the aftermarket part is of high quality and efficiently runs your car offering perfect working conditions, remain assured of the actual value of your car when buying BMW parts online. 

Aftermarket parts are a wasted expense

As manufacturers’ products do, aftermarket parts undergo stringent testing, specifications and inspection processes. They offer great quality with a variety of products to use. Buying an OEM product means paying a major proportion for the brand value rather than the product’s quality. Since aftermarket parts are produced in bulk and face tough competition, they are more likely to be strong and can be bought at affordable prices. They are available at almost every workshop, which makes them much cheaper in competition. It also increases the chances of better services and adds to aftersale benefits for car owners.   


As a relatively new option, many consider aftermarket parts inferior to traditional OEM parts and believe myths airing around the market. On the contrary, these parts are being commonly used and replacing OEM parts for better performance and upgraded supercars look. Buy BMW parts online to enjoy more premium experience than offered by original manufacturers.