Buying advice: How to find the right dog bed

The dog’s bed is primarily designed as a place for dogs to sleep. In addition, they serve as a retreat for our four-legged friends. The size of a dog bed is based on the size of the dog. Over time, beds that are too small can damage the animal’s posture.

An important aspect of testing dog beds is hygiene. The wash ability at the appropriate temperature depends on the material of the lying surface, the outer surface and the lining. Ideally, the cover is removable and can be washed separately. The hardness of the mattress also plays an important role in the dog’s well-being.

As comfortable, hygienic and suitable as a refuge – how do you find the perfect dog bed?

There are many aspects that can play a role in a dog bed test. However, the dog’s well-being should always be the top priority. Because of this, an orthopedic dog bed is a good choice in most cases. As with beds for humans, orthopedic dog beds are designed to protect the dogs’ musculoskeletal system as well as possible.

Hygiene is also an issue in most dog bed tests. If a dog beds is not washable, you should remove it from your dog beds test from the outset. You can only create hygienic conditions and guarantee the dog’s well-being if the dog beds is washable.

One option is a wooden dog bed with a washable mattress. Dog beds made of untreated wood also have the advantage that the animals do not come into unnecessary contact with pollutants or chemicals. Therefore, before you buy a dog bed, you should make sure that the dog bed shas been certified as pollutant-free.

Synthetic leather as a dog bed material is also an option. A dog beds made of artificial leather can be wiped clean without any problems and, if necessary, even cleaned with a steamer.

If your four-legged friend is one of the great representatives of its kind, a large dog bed is a must. Many manufacturers have XXL dog beds in their range, so the search should not be particularly difficult.

If you cannot find anything suitable in stores, you can also build a dog bed yourself. However, the prerequisite for building a dog beds yourself is the necessary manual skills. For example, a pallet is suitable as a substructure for a dog bed.

In addition to the rather makeshift blankets and pillows, there are three popular categories of dog beds.

Dog bed with padded edge

  • high lying comfort
  • Support for the head
  • low risk of injury
  • hardly offers any support

Hard shell dog bed

  • hard border
  • with removable mattress
  • provides support for the back
  • can give security

Dog bed with a roof

  • ideal for anxious dogs
  • offers additional security
  • large models rarely

Creature Comforts 

Both small dog beds and dog beds for large dogs should offer the dog sufficient freedom of movement. This applies to both round and square dog beds. Bed shouldn’t be so big that your dogs can run around and cause havoc and shouldn’t be so small that the dogs can barely sleep in it.

If your four-legged friend likes it relaxed and comfortable, a bed with an upholstered edge is the right choice. It offers the head a slightly elevated position that is friendly to the spine. Dog beds with padded edges have the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • high lying comfort
  • Relief of the musculoskeletal system
  • protects the joints


  • no supporting function for the spine
  • can get out of shape over time

A roof gives fearful dogs security

Both traumatized and naturally fearful dogs will appreciate a dog bed with a roof. It gives you additional security and a feeling of security. The advantages and disadvantages of the dog bed with a roof:


  • additional security
  • Hiding place in case of danger
  • additional game offer


  • more difficult to clean
  • available almost exclusively in small sizes

How do you choose from numerous manufacturers with a large variety of models?

If you set out to test dog baskets, you will be pleased with the wide variety of different models. In most cases, a criterion in your personal dog bed comparison will be the price of a dog bed with the comfort level.

Hygiene is an important point when choosing the right dog bed. Removable mattresses, removable covers and wipe able surface materials such as synthetic leather enable a high level of cleanliness.

However, the most expensive does not always have to be the best dog beds. A cheap dog bed can turn out to be your personal dog bed test winner in a purchase advice and serve your dogs as a comfortable place to sleep.

Frequently asked questions

How big does a dog bed have to be?

A dog bed must offer enough space for the dogs to be able to choose its sleeping position freely. A guideline for the size of the dog beds is the length of the dog (snout to the base of the tail) plus 20-30 centimeters.

How often do you have to wash a dog bed?

A dog bed should be washed at the latest when the mattress is stained or emits unpleasant odors. However, cleaning before, the first signs of more intensive soiling cannot do any harm.