Can Vertical Blinds Be A Alternative For Window Curtains?

This is not gonna be brief without proper awareness of both of these window coverings. One is the oldest and most luxurious one. While window blinds are also the oldest but not a traditional kind of window coverings.

Curtains are very expensive and luxurious, while window blinds have two sides. One is expensive and one is affordable. Vertical blinds lay under the affordable ones.

So, can Vertical Blinds be an alternative to window curtains?

Rightly Modern For Tall Windows

Usually, window curtains are the best picks for tall windows. Because of the traditional looks they provide to the interior. And alignment they have for tall windows.

Well, vertical blinds are surely not that luxurious but a rightly modern one and can light up your interior with a modernish tone.

And rather than that luxuriousness, vertical blinds can fulfill any of your interior-related requirements for tall windows.

The alignment that vertical blinds have with tall windows is something literally unmatched by even expensive curtains.

Vertical blinds are vertical and have vertically positioned slats in them. This change in slats’ design, doesn’t just change the looks of the blinds, but importantly the functionality and so the outcome.

They align elegantly with the tall windows, and because of that sleek alignment, vertical blinds offer better functionality for tall windows.

Vertical Blinds Are More Convenient For The Tall Windows

Curtains are expensive and hence hard to manage. They are made of high-end natural materials like cotton, velvet, silk, and so on.

All these materials are luxurious but not convenient. So, window curtains are very hard to clean and even maintain, because their fabrics are not moisture-resistant.

On the other hand, vertical blinds are synthetic materials based. Hence, they are waterproof. And resist moisture very well.

And because of that, vertical blinds are very easy to clean and even maintain, making them stay as long-lasting window blinds.

Also, due to the sharp vertical design of vertical blinds, they didn’t dusty or dirty as often. And their synthetic nature also helps them a lot in this regard.

Vertical blind slats are individual and very easy to install and uninstall, so, in case, one or some slats gets dirty then you don’t have to uninstall the whole window covering for that.

Vertical Blinds Are Much Easy To Retrieve In Case They Got Damaged

As I said, vertical blinds have individual slats, they are on their own and attached to the control system of the vertical blinds.

Vertical blind slats have hooks at the top and they are just hooked up. And hooked off without creating a mess for the rest of the window blinds.

So, in case, some of the slats got broken. You didn’t have to uninstall the whole blind, and so they all the slats. Rather than just the damaged slats.

Vertical blind slats replacement is a very common process, you just have to replace the damaged ones with new ones.

Ordering vertical blind replacement slats is also very easy and affordable. In the UK, companies like 1clickblinds offer Vertical Blinds Slats Replacement at a very competitive price, not just to impress but also to value them.