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Capital Smart City Islamabad is Pakistan’s 1st smart city. In contrast, it has been listed as the world’s 23rd Smart City. Buyers from all around the world are drawn to this grand project. The last few years have seen some of the most enticing real estate development. It is also widely considered among the best investment opportunities in both the domestic and international marketplace. The legal structure, manufacturing process strategies, and effective business prospects make it an obvious choice for investors of all kinds.

An HRL initiative

Marketing for Capital Smart City stated that Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd. was behind the venture (HRL). Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited, a well-known and creditable name in the economy of residences and construction, heads FDHL, a worldwide confederation of significant development businesses. In addition to its competence in mega infrastructure developments, such as expressways, reservoirs, power plants, highways, and airfields, HRL has established quality housing developments such as Bahria Town and DHA. Pakistan’s 1st smart city residential project results from HRL’s extensive use of its competent expertise and facilities. Several worldwide urban planners and designers are working on Capital Smart City’s urban layout and planning.


Islamabad and Rawalpindi’s Capital Smart City is located on the outskirts of the two cities. From the New Islamabad International Airport, you can get to the Capital Smart City location in less than five minutes. Only 9.2 kilometres away from the M-2 Toll Plaza, it is located on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2. A committed Motorway Interchange near Thallian Interchange has already been authorised for this grand project. It was renamed “Smart Interchange” on September 9, 2020. The community is designed with a long-term perspective in mind. Mineral wealth and scheduled interconnection to major highway networks are drawing people to this Rawalpindi suburb’s fertile land and sufficient water storage in the form of Chahan Dam. 

Master Plan

The master plan can be partitioned into multiple districts based on intended activities such as education, medical services, leisure, housing, and commercial.

  • Panda District
  • Health Care District
  • Aviation District
  • Education District
  • Financial Square
  • Crystal Lake
  • Holiday Park
  • Executive Block
  • Overseas Block
  • Harmony Park
  • Overseas Prime Block
  • Capital Hills

Features and Amenities

Inhabitants of Capital Smart City have access to a wide range of services and conveniences. A wide range of facilities, including public transportation, seamless interconnection, sporting amenities, community centres, and smart city centres, are planned for various parts and precincts of the society.

  • The BRT system

Occupants of Capital Smart City will have access to a thorough Bus Rapid Transit system that will allow them to get around the city easily. BRT will have a dedicated lane that will travel through all areas of society and even across continents. It will run among Islamabad as well as Capital Smart City, stopping at designated BRT stations.

  • Infrastructure

Capital A gated community such as Smart City requires two main entrances. They are located on Chakri Road and Motorway M-2, respectively. As of June 2020, the building was begun on an entirely devoted junction on Motorway M-2, which FWO has already accepted. Each road and route will be equipped with smart lighting systems. The roads will be divided into separate biking and running lanes.

  • Transport System

The society’s main thoroughfare would be 400 feet in diameter and have 18 lanes. Internal roadways would be 150 ft, 120 ft, 100 ft, 80 ft, and 60 ft wide, respectively, in order. The least width of the road will be 40 feet. All roadways and streets are connected logically, ensuring that traffic is unimpeded

  • Garden Parks

Roughly 40% of the community’s land will be devoted to beautifying and gardening. There will be a variety of medium and big family parks constructed across the region. Flower Gardens, Linear Gardens, & Heritage Gardens will all be included in the project.

  • Mosques

Prayers, as well as ritual practices, will be held in a sector masjid for each community. There will also be an elegant Jamia Masjid constructed in the community for large gatherings.

  • Urban Utilities

In Capital Smart City, there is a multitude of built-in urban utilities, such as:

  • Grid Stations
  • Solar Parks
  • Potable Water Purification Plants
  • Sewerage Treatment Plants
  • System of Irrigation
  • Solid Waste Management System
  • Safety Control
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Police Station
  • FDH Buildings


If you’re in quest of a safe place to invest, look no further than Capital Smart City. That’s the only high-end residential development initiative on Chakri Road that the RDA has approved. You can relax knowing that the project will be delivered on time because the HRL brand is behind the construction of the entire venture.

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