Care for blond hair properly

hair properly
hair properly

A blonde hair properly is the top favorite for many people when it comes to beauty and elegance. However, it can happen that the hair is severely stressed by the chemical treatment during dyeing or by environmental influences. This can lead to dehydration, split ends or hair breakage. Blonde hair, bleached or colored hair therefore needs an intensive treatment that is adapted to the hair type in order to prevent these signs. In addition, this intensifies the shine of the color or preserves it for longer. Find out here how to care for blonde hair and which products are best suited for caring for colored or bleached hair. What concerns can be typical for blond hair properly?

Naturally blonde hair often does not need a treatment that is specially tailored to the color. Nevertheless, they can benefit from a gentle moisturizer so that they appear healthier and more vital.

Typical problems that can be associated with bleaching or dyed hair:

  • Dry hair
  • hair breakage
  • split ends
  • loss of luminosity
  • Brittle hair
  • yellow cast

Dry hair from bleaching

Dry or brittle hair properly Har often feels stubborn and weak. It is difficult to comb and is hardly supple. Visually, dry hair looks dull and dull. This is because the individual hairs are roughened on their surface. If it is very depleted, this can lead to hair breakage and split ends. In the case of hair breakage, the hair does not fall out, but simply breaks off somewhere. This happens, for example, preferably at points that are subject to additional mechanical stress, such as hair clips or hair ties that are too tight. For dry hair , the scalp is occasionally very dry as well. Here it is good to choose a shampoo for dry scalp that moisturizes both the hair and the skin.

Split ends caused by dyed blonde hair properly

In the case of split ends, the ends of the hair split in a length of approx. 1 cm to several centimetres. The hair can part not only once, but also more often. Occasionally the ends then look like very fine brushes. Dry hair ends that are affected by split ends often break off. Also, hair with split ends and dry ends in this area often looks unkempt and frayed. A loss of luminosity is often noted with these signs. Dyed hair or blond strands can sometimes produce an unsightly yellow tinge that makes the hair look unnatural. If you want to remove this yellow tinge, you can do this best with a suitable conditioner and a shampoo suitable for blonde hair .

Natural blonde is less likely to be affected by these concerns compared to bleaching. However, blond hair can react sensitively to UV light, salt water or unsuitable care.

Which care products are particularly suitable for blonde hair?

Hair care for blond or bleached hair provides the hair with intensive moisture, makes it soft and supple and gives it a natural, silky shine. With the right care for bleached hair properly, the luminosity of the color can be preserved for longer. In addition, an unsightly yellow cast can be removed. The best care products for blonde hair include the following:

  • Color shampoo or blonde shampoo
  • hair conditioner
  • leave in
  • conditioner
  • hair mask
  • hair oil

Anti-breakage shampoo for blonde hair

The nourishing Elvital Full Resist Power Booster Shampoo  from L’Oréal Paris is ideal if you want to care for blonde hair. Its formula contains biotin, provitamin B5 and arginine. Brittle hair is intensively cared for and revitalized. At the same time, hair breakage is reduced and hair lengths are strengthened so that hair breakage doesn’t stand a chance!

Shampoo for normal blonde hair

The Elvital OIL Magique Coco weightless care shampoo  from L’Oréal Paris is also suitable as hair care for normal to dry hair. This conditioning shampoo for blonde hair deeply cleanses and gently removes dirt, product build-up and excess sebum. It gives your hair a smooth and silky texture, which is reflected in a radiant color brilliance. Its formula for intensive deep care with coconut smells pleasant and moisturizes without weighing the hair down. The hair is strengthened by the ingredients contained in the color shampoo, such as vitamins, amino acids and minerals, and protected from harmful environmental influences. It is suitable for all hair lengths and hair types.

Proper care of hair properly after bleaching

Do you want to take care of your hair after bleaching it? Bleaching is often associated with severe stress on the hair and it can appear drier and more brittle than before the treatment. To ensure that your freshly bleached hair retains its suppleness and natural shine, intensive moisturizing care can already be beneficial when washing your hair. That Elvital Hydra Hyaluronic Moisture-Replenishing Shampoo by L’Oréal Paris was specially developed for hair in need of moisture with dry lengths and ends.

 Its formula contains hyaluronic acid which, thanks to its moisturizing and moisture-retaining properties, provides ideal conditions for the care of dry hair. This shampoo for colour-treated, dry or bleached hair deeply nourishes your hair and gives it a silky shine. In addition, the hyaluronic shampoo cleans your hair effectively and gently at the same time. To intensify this effect, you can also use a hyaluronic acid serum Elvital Hydra Hyaluronic Moisture Serum  by L’Oréal Paris after washing your hair. 1

Maintain luminosity with a color shine conditioner

After coloring your hair color shows an intense luminosity and color brilliance. Over time, various influences such as UV radiation and daily hair washing can impair this luminosity. The hair appears dull and loses its shine. To protect the beauty and intensity of the color of the bleaching and the blonde highlights, you can use the Elvital Color Shine Conditioner after every hair wash from L’Oréal Paris. 

The color protection elixir gives the hair special suppleness and improves the natural shine of the hair. Thanks to the UVB filter contained in the formula, UV rays cannot harm your color shine and the hair is protected from fading from the sun. Both colored and blonde hair can be cared for with this accompanying and hydrating conditioner.