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Cambodia Real estate Future Developments Will Be Dedicated To Condos

The condos planned for construction in Phnom Penh from 2020 to 2023 were 53,512 units. About 59% of complete futuristic constrictions comprise the Mid-tier category while the 41% remaining units are high-end.                                                                                                        Because of the current surplus of completed structures in the high-end segment, the upcoming supply will primarily consist of mid-tier units. R&F […]

The Benefits of Supporting an Existing Foundation

The term “underpinning” is the process of reorganizing or upgrading your building’s foundation. This becomes essential when the original foundation begins to deteriorate and is no longer capable of supporting the house. Underpinning may become necessary to ensure the structural integrity of your home, whether due to the kind of soil or external influences. Let’s […]

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