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Best Universities in Canada for International Students

Canada has been on top of the list for five years for the quality of life it offers. When it comes to general aspects, Canada is ranked 5th best globally. However, there is something more to the story that you should not miss out on, and that is the well-established education system of Canada. The […]

What is the Hassle-free Procedure for the Nursery Admissions in Noida?

We know the stress and struggle new-age parents face while admitting their tiny tots into preschool in cities like Noida. Parents wish to give their children the best education from early childhood. But going through the Nursery Admissions in Noida procedure for each school becomes even more tiring when both the parents are working. But […]

How to learn Tajweed Online

In the context of Quran recitation, the terms tajweed is frequently used. Tajweed, in terms of Quran reading and recitation, is a collection of linguistic and phonetic standards utilized incorrectly reciting the Quran. It is important to learn tajweed to do proper recitation of the Quran. Every word has a different meaning and correct pronunciation […]

CV resume translation service

As PROFI translation, we provide professional resume translation services. Place an order now and let our professional resume translators translate your resume online! Resume translation service After countless revisions and hard work, you have prepared a perfect resume. Now you are looking for a translator to translate your resume into another language to help you […]

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