What To Do When Your Cell Phone Battery Dies This Winter

Cell phones do not work well in any harsh environment whether it is winter or summer. In winter the battery starts acting up whereas in Somers the phone starts heating a lot. Therefore you should keep your cell phone battery from dying and think of ways that can keep your phone going in this harsh winter season.

As the winter arrives, you start preparing yourself. Beyond making sure that you have enough gas with you and you take out your winter clothes you must also keep your phone ready to withstand the freezing temperature. It is one of the most common reasons why people replace their mobile phones cause their phone battery dies. However, they do not know why it happens and how they can prevent it. Cell phones should be replaced eventually but if your battery isn’t behaving in the way it should then you should not just spend money on a new phone. You should look for the reasons why it is acting up and try to solve it.

Why does your phone hate Cold weather:

it doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or Android, mobile phones simply do not like freezing temperatures. As the batteries of cell phones depend on lithium-ion and this is the battery that powers most devices. Please little my batteries do not handle the cold weather well. Demetri meter when a phone is manufactured is calibrated assuming that it will stay at a normal temperature. That is the reason why under severe weather conditions your phone battery starts acting up.

For people who live in areas that regularly stay under 32 degrees centigrade, it becomes a big problem for them or simply their smartphones.

How can you protect your phone in the winter?

Explain below are some of the measures you can take to protect your phone in the winter:

Activate battery saving mode

if you know you are going to use your phone in freezing temperatures you should change the settings of your battery so that it can last longer. The battery saver option is the easiest to use and it limits the capabilities of your phone so that you can make the best out of your battery’s power. In different phones, it has different names. In an iPhone, this mode is known as low power mode and on an Android phone, it is called battery saver mode. You can turn it on and your phone battery can last longer.

Keep your phone warm:

When the phone is too cold the irons that are responsible for making the battery work cannot move. You should try to keep your phone as warm as possible. You can either keep it in your coat pocket or keep it inside or sore bag where 18 steals from direct contact with the harsh environment. Wireless earbuds are best in such a season because you will not have to take your phone out every time you have to attend a call. Venue will limit the usage of your phone outside in the freezing temperature and it will stay inside, it will not get affected by the weather.

Bring a portable charger:

A portable charger is the best solution for a cold environment. If you travel a lot or are worried about your phone’s battery dying call then you should get a portable charger for it. It is the right solution for you and you will not have to worry that your phone can die at any moment.

Should I buy a new phone or just a new battery?

If you are following all these steps, and your phone is still acting up then probably you should consider a change. Normal cell phone batteries are rated for 500 charge cycles. This means that they can last for two to three years on average. if your phone starts acting up after a certain time then there is no need to worry you can simply go to a phone repair shop and instead of paying hundreds of dollars to replace your phone you can get a new battery instead. You can just take your phone to experts and replace your old battery with a new one at a fraction of the cost you will pay for a new phone altogether.