Have you ever wondered who Chandler Bing from Friends dated? The lovable character has had his fair share of relationships in the show, each one providing viewers with plenty of laughter and entertainment. From Janice to Julie, this post dives into all of these girlfriends, providing some insight on why he went out with them and how long they remained together. With so many potential suitors for our resident New York City-dweller, we’ll take a look at both their individual personalities as well as what brought them together in the first place. Grab some popcorn; let’s dive right in!

Friends: Chandler’s Girlfriends, Ranked

1. Monica Geller: Chandler and Monica are the ultimate couple in Friends, having been together since the show began. After going through a few bumps in their relationship, they eventually married and even started a family together. It’s no surprise that they topped our list of Chandler’s girlfriends!


2. Janice Litman-Goralnik: Janice, who is known for her nasally voice and distinct laugh, may not have been Chandler’s best girlfriend but she’s definitely the most memorable. The two of them had an on-again/off-again relationship that lasted more than a few seasons.


3. Kathy: Kathy was a fellow actor that Chandler dated for a short period of time. Though the two were never seen together much, it’s clear that this relationship meant something to him as he was willing to give up his career in order to make it work.


4. Julia Roberts: In one of the show’s most memorable episodes, Chandler dates none other than movie star Julia Roberts. Though it was short-lived, it provided some of the funniest moments in the series.


5. Janine Lecroix: Janine and Chandler’s relationship ended up being a bit too tumultuous for either of them, as they both had commitment issues that kept getting in the way. Despite this, they still managed to make it work for a few seasons.


6. Charlie Wheeler: Charlie was Chandler’s college professor and the two had a fling that went on for quite some time. Though their relationship wasn’t as serious as his others, it still added plenty of drama to the show.


7. Jill Goodacre: Jill was an old flame from Chandler’s college days, and it’s clear that he still had some lingering feelings for her even after all the years. Unfortunately, these two never followed through with their relationship but they always remain close friends.


8. Julie: Julie may have been one of Chandler’s more serious relationships, as the two even discussed marriage at one point. Unfortunately, this relationship ended in heartbreak for Chandler and Julie moved away soon after.


9. Emily Waltham: Chandler and Emily had a whirlwind romance that ended in disaster. After making the mistake of saying “I love you” too soon, their relationship quickly spiralled out of control and the two eventually went their separate ways.


10. Molly: Though Chandler and Molly never shared any scenes together, it’s clear that their relationship was serious enough for him to dump Janice in order to be with her. Unfortunately, this decision ended up being a bad one as he soon discovered her true colours.


Chandler has certainly had some tumultuous relationships over the years, but they’ve all been entertaining nonetheless. With each new girlfriend came a whole new set of challenges that he had to face, resulting in some of the most hilarious moments in the show. Whether you’re a fan of Janice or Julie, it’s clear that Chandler has left his mark on Friends.

Chandler’s relationships

with his girlfriends have always been a point of intrigue for Friends fans. He had many memorable relationships throughout the show, including Janice (Maggie Wheeler), Kathy (Paget Brewster), and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston). However, Chandler’s longest-term relationship was definitely with Monica Geller (Courteney Cox). The two eventually married and moved in together, and their relationship was a major plot point of the show. Chandler is also known for his brief fling with Joey’s sister Gina (Dina Meyer), which ultimately led to nothing but awkward moments between the two characters. Although Chandler had many girlfriends throughout the show, none of them ever lasted as long as his relationship with Monica, which is why it was so memorable for viewers.


Chandler’s relationships with his girlfriends were often fun and playful, but they also had their fair share of drama as well. One of the more difficult moments in Chandler’s life happened when he found out that Kathy was cheating on him with one of his friends from work.

The Best and Worst of Chandler’s Girlfriends on ‘Friends’

was an article that showcased the best and worst of Chandler’s girlfriends. From Janice to Emily Waltham, each one brought something different to the show. Although some were more successful than others, it’s clear that Chandler had a lot of memorable relationships throughout his 10 seasons on Friends.


No matter what happened with any of Chandler’s girlfriends, it was always entertaining to watch. From the short-lived ones to the long-term relationships, each one added something special to the show and will always be remembered by fans. While some may have been more successful than others, Chandler’s girlfriends all played a significant role in Friends history. It’s clear that he has always been unlucky in love, but his many relationships have certainly given us plenty of laughs. Even if his girlfriends never lasted, they will always be remembered as an important part of Friends history. 

Bottom Line

Chandler’s romantic relationships have always been full of drama, but they also provided plenty of hilarious moments. Although none of his girlfriends ever lasted as long as Monica Geller, each one of them helped make Friends the iconic show it is today. Whether it was Janice or Emily Waltham, Chandler’s relationships with his girlfriends were always an entertaining part of the show.