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Small businesses are moving to the internet day by day, switching from a local business to a global business that serves customers everywhere. It helps to understand the various aspects of web hosting before making a decision that will affect the growth of your business down the road. Everyone is looking for the cheap web hosting to have online business.

Websites 101

Before defining a web host, it is important that you first understand the definition of a website. A website is made up of linked web pages that are publicly available and listed under the same domain name. The website and domain name are different, and it is important that you understand these differences before you start. These websites can be viewed by anyone in the world with a phone, laptop, or tablet – and, with the internet.

Websites may be owned by an individual, company, group, or government organization; and these sites can serve a wide range of different functions. Together they formed the World Wide Web (WWW).

Web hosting servers

The simple explanation of web hosting is that these web hosting servers are the place to rent your virtual store. All archived files and information that make up the website must be stored securely somewhere. Without hosting services, your files would be out of place, so your site would be almost operational with the phone number dropped.

Types of web hosting

When you ask the question, “what is web hosting,” it is important that you know the first five types of web hosting. They are website builders, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting.

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is the cheap hosting method available as you share a server with many other websites to split costs. If you are a small business with a limited budget and do not expect heavy traffic, shared hosting is a useful way to reduce unnecessary costs. It should be noted that as these servers are shared, there may be problems with website performance if one of the shared sites collects a lot of traffic.

Dedicated Cheap Web Hosting

The web hosting services provided are for you only the owner and server user. As a result, your website and its functionality will not be replaced by another website. This service is very expensive, but it offers better resources than you can get with shared hosting.

Also, security will not affected by traffic from elsewhere. Ideal for online businesses or stores that meet strong, growing sales numbers. It’s also great for those who need more disk space, such as having a large email database.

Few things are more dangerous than your website crashes due to the inability to handle a lot of traffic – especially because it can drive away single visitors. This is especially true if you get a traffic spike. While such viral influences are unpredictable, you are hurting yourself if your site is not ready to host at least a decent visitor.

VPS web hosting  

VPS Hosting stands for Virtual Private Server. This hosting service is a solid price point between shared hosting and Dedicated. You are sharing a server but you have your own clear location, leaving you at risk of a slight drop from other sites sharing this private server. Companies that need upgrades to their site bandwidth due to increased traffic are better users of VPS Web hosting.

VPS offers better security, reliability, and ease of use without a significant increase in cost. In addition, VPS offers web hosting flexibility, as you can install your app and add, remove, or modify software apps at your discretion. For the right price, you get a completely customized hosting experience.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is where the features of your website are shared on a variety of different servers, working together as a “cloud.” With cloud hosting, the webserver error problem is not a problem because another server can take its place and keep the site running.

Hosting is good for people who expect a large amount of traffic and do not want bandwidth problems Cheap Web Hosting. Ideal for a site that makes continuous growth and normal traffic growth

You Should Know

Before choosing a web hosting service, it is important that you know what your website will look like. First, answer the following questions:

  1. What kind of website are you creating?
  2. Is it a WordPress blog?
  3. Real storefront?
  4. Need e-commerce features?
  5. Do you need some kind of shopping cart software?
  6. Do you need the ability to manage business transactions on the site?
  7. Need technical support?
  8. How much traffic do you expect?
  9. How much do you expect to grow?
  10. Need some kind of script support?
  11. Need to use Windows operating systems or different software?
  12. Where do you see your company and website in six months? Year? Three years?

Why Trio Tec Digital

What makes Trio Tec Digital different is our unique team of people, who have been bringing a unique service to your websites since 2015. Every day, we place our love, dedication and expertise in caring for our clients’ websites. We love what we do and are motivated to deliver outstanding service. They overcome the challenges our competitors find impossible and help our clients manage their websites easily.

We at Trio, Tec Digital live and breathe WordPress. Our hosted WordPress hosting removes issues related to a cloud server so you can rate your website and your client the way you want. Trio Tec digital provides cheap web hosting and offer a seamless web hosting experience for WordPress websites and Woo Commerce stores.

For bloggers, Trio Tec Digital offers a variety of hosting options, each with unique advantages and capabilities. The web hosting plan you have chosen will greatly determine how secure your blog is, the speed of your blog, and which forums will be available to you.

If you are only interested in blogging and don’t expect to build a complete website, WordPress hosting is the right platform. Designed for bloggers (Trio Tec Digital even offers a blog domain name extension) and comes loaded with built-in features that allow you to customize your page easily.

Can’t decide anything

If you are looking for Trio Tec Digital web hosting options but still can’t decide what is best for your blog, there are some questions you can ask yourself to narrow down the field.

How much do I expect for website traffic?

If you expect your blog to generate significant traffic, VPS hosting and the WordPress Essential plan are both powerful options that can support web height.

Do I want more blogs or websites?    

Both Deluxe and Ultra shared hosting plans allow for the creation of unlimited domains. Unlimited domains are provided with a VPS hosting plan.

How concerned am I with safety?

While all Trio Tec Digital hosting plans are secure and reliable, the VPS hosting and WordPress Essential plan offer the most advanced protection against potential web threats.

Do I feel comfortable working in the background?

How comfortable are you with building your blog? WordPress Hosting provides selected themes and pre-installed plugins that make compiling a web page more accurate and easier.