Chinos for Men Can be Styled with Everything in Your Closet

When it’s about men’s trousers, chinos become an essential wardrobe piece. It’s because they are fashionable and practical. Chinos for men have become must-have clothing. They are not only suitable for the formal look but can put too much smart styling. But does it mean to get hundreds of chinos for every pair? Of course, it’s a big no. Luckily, I am here to help you with how you can style differently, matching the clothes in your closet. 

Also, Learn What Chinos are 

Chinos are popular trousers which are highly in trend in western culture, especially America. They are the uniform of American soldiers made up of cotton, which skims the body. Therefore, they are considered the product of U.S. military wear. Now you may think it’s highly formal; no, the fashion wear chinos are formal & dressy too. They can be a good replacement for casual jeans and give you a gentleman’s look. 

Style With Your Closet Attire

Chino with Blazer 

To experience the gentlemen feel at weddings or date nights, wear a chino with a blazer. If the weather is not too cold, just layer the blazer over the boys’ undershirt. For instance, a navy blue chino with an off-white blazer is layered over a white undershirt. Accessorize the look with leather boots and a smartwatch. 

Chino with Printed Shirts 

Get black chino pants from Perk and flair with printed tee shirts. Printed tees are highly in-fashion clothing and go amazing in summers. If you are someone who still admires the college look, then it’s perfect to go. Complement the look with a cute hairstyle and white sneakers.

Chino with Half-Sleeve Shirt 

I have seen men showcasing glam with white chinos and light blue half-sleeve shirts. Well, you can play with colors as you want and match the aura. This style is striking and gets attention within a few seconds. It can go in both scenarios- formal & casual. The twist is only played by your footwear; if formal, go for leather boots, and when it’s about casual, you know what to do. 

Chino with Oversized Hoodie or Sweatshirt

Yes, a chino with an oversized hoodie or sweatshirt is a game player. The sports enthusiast or one with a strong sports personality can cherish this style anywhere & anytime. Just make sure the colors you choose pair well; otherwise, you may end up with something chaotic. It’s pretty okay if you don’t have your size hoodie or sweatshirt; still, the game is on. 

Chino with Plain or Textured Shirts

Chino pants can never cheat you on formal dressing. The trousers act as a soulmate to your formal shirts. If you are in doubt, you can search how the men are setting the statement with regular full-sleeved shirts. Maybe you get some creative ideas to carry the style. If so, then do share with us. 

Last Shot 

Chino pants are comfy and modish that once you try, you will have a hangover for them. Keep in mind to buy from an authentic store such as Perk, where you will have a plentiful size and color chino pants. Browse the collection from their online store and get the best men’s chinos.